Your Manuel Antonio National Park Entrance Experience

To visit the park, the best advice we can give you is to stay nearby to arrive as quickly and early as possible. Why do I say this? Because entry to the park is limited, the doors open at 8 in the morning and maybe by 12 if you didn’t get in you won’t be able to access.

The only way to avoid this or at least ensure entry is to be at the door at 7 am. When we arrived there was already a line and the heat was already unbearable. While they are waiting one can go buy something for breakfast or alternately sit and rest until it opens and it is their turn to pass since about 50 people pass by every about 15 minutes.

Entrance to Manuel Antonio National Park

The line to buy tickets to Manuel Antonio National Park is shorter and in about 10 minutes you can buy the ticket. The place to buy the tickets is an exchange house that is a few meters before the entrance.

The value is 16 dollars and you can pay either in cash, dollars or colones, or with a credit card.

In addition to this value, there is that of the guides if you want to tour the park with them. We didn’t see it as necessary and the truth is we weren’t very interested in going in a group stopping to see small bugs. The cost is approximately 20 dollars and they usually give you binoculars to observe things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. To see large animals you will always see groups standing looking somewhere, so it is easy to notice. Now, if you are nature fans, you would definitely do it with a guide.

What to see inside the Manuel Antonio National Park

Inside the park you basically see animals, plants and beaches. The heat doesn’t help much and after a few minutes at least the only thing that interested us was going straight to the water. There are several trails with directions to know where to go but they all end in the same place, the beaches.

The best beaches in Costa Rica

We have already detailed the beaches of the Manuel Antonio National Park in a post, but the beauty of these beaches is the direct contact with nature. Lying alone drinking and watching monkeys and all kinds of animals pass by seemed incredible to us. Inside the National Park they have a place to buy food and the prices are not that expensive, but be careful with the animals because they are the first thieves to appear as soon as they smell food.

The only negative point is that they close at 4 in the afternoon, so you have to see the sunset from other beaches in the area.

Activities and excursions in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio, as I told you, not only has its famous park and beaches, but there are endless activities to enjoy. Among them zip lining, diving, rafting, ATVs, waterfalls, etc. As a matter of being the only one missing, we chose to do rafting in Manuel Antonio.

Rafting in Costa Rica

It is one of the star activities of Costa Rica, the great flow of the rivers makes it a unique activity that cannot be practiced in many places in the world. We chose the El Naranjo River and more precisely the El Chorro section, which is one of the sections with the greatest flow due to large stones being found on the way down.

We left very early in the morning, the people from Friends of the River picked us up at the Selina Hostel and we left for the company’s office to enjoy a delicious breakfast while they showed us some photos and offered us this service to have the photos later. of our experience. Which without a doubt, as you will realize, we accept.

Once we finished breakfast we left for the point where we would begin to descend the El Naranjo River. They inflated the boats, prepared us and after an instructive talk we went to the water.

Without knowing what was coming during the entire tour, it was an experience that we really recommend to anyone who likes adventure. We laughed and got very wet. The instructors make the journey pure laughter rather than fear despite being somewhat risky.

We indulged in a little swim in the river and even jumped off a fairly high rock. A fantastic experience that you can also do in other parts of Costa Rica such as La Fortuna.

Where to stay: Hostel Selina Manuel Antonio

Our choice was the Hostel Selina Manuel Antonio, the option that young people choose because fun is guaranteed. Pool, karaoke, parties at night and an excellent location. A few meters from the beach and the Manuel Antonio National Park, it is a highly recommended accommodation for those visiting this area of ​​Costa Rica. Furthermore, the complex is huge and if you don’t like the idea of ​​sharing a room or bathroom, there are rooms with private bathrooms.

In front of the hostel is the restaurant called the plane, which you will know the reason for its name from the image. Inside there is a bar and everything in the back is a restaurant. We went to eat some hamburgers and it wasn’t that expensive but obviously it’s not cheap like other places.

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