Venice Voyage: A 48-Hour Itinerary with Gondola Rides and Burano Bliss

Venice is a very small city and if you ask me if it is worth visiting Venice in two days, I would say yes!! The truth is that it is a city that we loved and that it is worth taking the time to enjoy some moments that sometimes we miss because we are on the run. Now can you tour Venice in one day? Of course, calmly, even with a few hours you can take several images of this incredible place.

Where to eat in Venice

Food, as we know, is sometimes part of a destination and in this case it is not so much about trying typical things, but about the places that we can find in Venice.

He frozen It is an Italian classic, now in Venice we have tried one of the best in the suso ice cream parlorso now you know if you want to try some good ice creams, write down that name!!

The historic cafes are a classic in St. Mark’s Square in Venice. We stopped to have a snack at the Cafe Florian. It’s so cute! To give you an idea, a cappuccino costs 8 euros and they also charge you extra for a musical show, I think we spent 20 euros for 2 coffees, we didn’t even want to multiply. But the truth is that sitting in that place with so much history and listening to the piano and the beautiful music gave us goosebumps at times.

Venice Restaurants

Obviously, the classic, as in all Italian cities, is pizza and pasta. But Venice, being a coastal city, offers us the possibility of fish and seafood, yes, to prepare our wallet, which was not our case because with Florian’s coffee we almost ran out of dinner hahaha.

To compensate, we had a quick lunch on the streets and dinner at a restaurant. Generally slices of pizza and straight to San Marco Square, which in itself we didn’t know was prohibited. What Sol did suffer with the pigeons flying over her desperate to grab a few crumbs of our food.

As for dinner, we recommend getting lost among the alleys to find those hidden typical Italian places with all the earmarks to eat good pasta that costs between 10 and 15 euros per plate. Also, taking the opportunity to tour Venice at night is something that we highly recommend because the tourists almost disappear and the streets become a movie set.

What to do in Venice and surroundings in two days

Gondola ride prices

The value that you will find in all the signs and when you consult is 80 euros, sometimes they can negotiate it but it is not common, after 7 p.m. 100 come out and most of them stop working, so sunset is a good time. Furthermore, this price can be raised if you want the gondolieri to sing or play an instrument, in this case it already seemed too much to us, we prefer to enjoy the tranquility.

For this reason we have put it on the second day since it is quite far from San Marcos Square and to get to it you have to cross the great canal. We did it all walking.

How to Travel from Venice to Burano, Murano and Torcello

Murano is the closest and best known for glass, it is the best to see how artisans work glass. It is the largest of the islands where we can also find the basilica of Santa María and San Donato

What to see on the island of Burano

To get to Burano we take the LN Vaporetto line from the San Zaccaría station a few meters from San Marco Square. Just when we arrived it was leaving, so we had to wait about 20 more minutes. The trip to the island was very calm and lasted 45 minutes.

From the island you can take the same vaporetto that continues to Torcello and where you arrive in just 5 minutes.

In Burano there is not much to see! It is more than anything to walk between the canals and their colorful houses. Legend says that sailors painted houses to recognize them and be able to arrive on foggy days.

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