Two Days in Tranquility: Unveiling the Best of Colonia, Uruguay

Sheraton and Buquebus invited us to spend 2 days in the beautiful city of Colonia del Sacramento, and without hesitation, we crossed the pond and went to Uruguay.

We took the boat at 10:15 in the morning, which in just 1 hour was leaving us at the port. We traveled in Business, so more than comfortable. They offer you coffee and some pastries to have something for breakfast and if not, you have to buy whatever you want. The Argentine-Uruguayan peso exchange rate is 1 to 1.

We were unlucky that it was quite windy, so the boat moved quite a bit and Sol didn’t have a very good time… but upon arrival he was already 10 points.

Weekend in Cologne

I had been at this hotel a few weeks ago, but without Sun and I had not been able to enjoy the stay to the fullest, since it had only been one day.

Unlike the previous time, they gave us a suite on the 4th floor with a balcony and views of the river, so we were more than happy.

The purpose of the invitation was not only to announce the hotel, but also its package for Valentine’s Day, which among the other things that we will tell you was waiting for us with this beautiful decoration on our bed.

And touching on the bed, one of the best I’ve ever had in the world.

What to see in Cologne and surroundings

After settling in we went to lunch, since we had all meals included in the hotel, which is why we cannot recommend restaurants in Colonia. Regarding the hotel’s food, it has a good variety, for midday they have a menu with quick dishes such as hamburgers, pizza, chivito, etc. and for dinner it can be a la carte or buffet. For example, on Saturday night there was a barbecue menu with free starters and desserts. It’s all high quality!

Once we finished lunch we took the bicycles offered by the Sheraton to tour the historic center of Colonia.

We did not choose the best day to do it, since it was beautiful but very windy as I had mentioned, and going up the boulevard at times became more than complicated.

The hotel is approximately 6 kilometers away, it took us about half an hour, so if you go by car or call a taxi you are there in minutes.

Our first stop was the Colonia sign, where many stop to take the typical photo and at night it lights up, permanently changing colors.

Places to visit in Cologne

Touring the entire Colonia promenade is beautiful, and that is why we recommend doing it by bike, and if it is several kilometers for you, there are many places to stop and sit.

Colonia is a very small city, or at least its points of interest are concentrated in just a few blocks.

We arrived at the main avenue, General Flores, and left the bikes tied to a traffic signal post. A car attendant told us that we could leave them without problems.

We leave from the Plaza Mayor 25 de Mayo, the main square of the city.

From the square we went back in the opposite direction towards the river to cross the Portón de Campo, which preserves the remains of the old wall and its drawbridge, which suffered the clashes between the different nations that fought for its possession.

Getting lost in the streets of Colonia Uruguay

The most interesting thing about Colonia is getting lost among its cobbled streets, with original buildings from the time that make us travel back in time and fall in love with every step we take. The most famous is the street of sighs, which is the second street counting from the gate towards the river.

The next point to visit are the Ruins of the Convent of San Francisco, built in 1964 and destroyed by a fire in 1704. Next to it is the Lighthouse completed in 1857 and which you can climb to have views of all of Colonia, although they are not the best.

The cost is 30 Uruguayans and the climb is moderately difficult since the steps are narrow.

Without a doubt, the best attraction in Colonia is getting lost in its streets, since it is the best way to discover the city.

From the Plaza Mayor we went to the Plaza de Armas where the Basilica of the Santisimo Sacramento is located, which preserves its structure and can be visited inside. In front of it we find some bars and restaurants to have lunch or a snack.

Once it was 7:30 p.m. we approached the pier to see the sun starting to set. The postcards are unique, and if you go to the next pier you will be able to see how the Sun disappears into the river, without any obstacle standing in your way.

Now that it was late at night and with less wind, we headed back to the hotel, once again enjoying the path along the river.

Travel to Colonia by Buquebus with a stay at the sheraton

Our second day was dedicated to the hotel, since it is worth using all its facilities.

We rode a pedal boat on a lagoon, we took a dip in the pool, we had massages, they prepared a romantic bath for us in the room’s jacuzzi, truly a more than excellent stay.

And this time we experienced the sunset from our room, having something on the balcony.

We spent an excellent weekend in Cologne, where we were able to get to know and relax at the same time.

We believe that two days are excellent to divide between the historic center and the hotel. If you only come for one day, we recommend visiting the town in the afternoon to see the sunset and using the hotel facilities in the morning until 4 p.m., giving you a margin of 4 hours to explore.

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