Tropical Escapade: Exploring the Best of Cayman Islands in 3 Days

It has one of the best beaches without a doubt, however there are several activities and places that it would be a shame for you to miss out on. Therefore, it is both a destination to rest and to add some activities to your itinerary.

When my trip to the Cayman Islands began, when I arrived at the hotel and opened the door to my room, I never thought I would find such beautiful colors. You know that the Maldives is in our hearts and hardly anything can surpass it, since I discovered those islands, few others have impressed me. The Cayman Islands were one of them.

Seven Mile Beach, the best beach in the Cayman Islands

Seven Mile is the largest beach in Grand Cayman and the one that most tourists choose to spend their vacations. Most of the hotels are located on this beach, although I also saw some condominiums while I walked along it for a few meters, you won’t believe that I walk it from end to end.

For those who like to walk or run it is ideal because this beach is not cut off at any point, nor is there anything that prevents you from exploring its entire length. What I did notice is that at the central point of the beach it is much wider than at its ends, where it begins to get narrow and by the time the tide rises we almost ran out of sand. I could tell you that it is the only negative point I found about where I stayed.

As you will see in the photos, the water is a fairly intense turquoise color and the sand is white. The water temperature is excellent and the waves do not exist. It’s like being in a natural pool permanently.

Seven Mile Beach Activities

We not only have the beach to rest, since a lot of activities are offered on it. For example, at the Marriott it included the use of Kayaks, Stand up Paddle and best of all, the use of snorkeling since a few meters away you have a small reef to see some fish. You can also rent jet skis, parasailing and flyboards.

For children it is an ideal destination because the fact that the sea is so calm and shallow gives a lot of security to parents, who let them enjoy this magical place.

Diving in Cayman Islands

One of the main activities is diving, clearly with this color of water it had to be. Seven miles is usually the starting point for some diving spots that are quite close to this beach.

In my case we left with a fairly large boat from The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa hotel very early in the morning with the company Red Sail Sports. As something very positive for those who get dizzy while sailing, since the water is so calm the boat doesn’t even move and the distances, as I said, are quite short. I chose West Wall but obviously there are spots all over the islands.

I would tell you that diving did not kill me, I have had better ones, but diving is a matter of luck, I have already assumed that. One can sometimes go down and encounter millions of fish, sharks, etc. and go down the next day and see nothing.

Obviously I saw fish but not in the quantity I expected. What did impact me is the incredible visibility even at 35 meters deep, something I have rarely experienced. And even more in favor is not having to wear a suit because of the water temperature. I only started to feel a little cold 30 minutes into the second dive, but it is more than normal after diving for so long.

However, I love diving, it is an activity that I repeat in all the destinations that I can do it and I enjoy it very much even though I have not seen anything. I feel like I’m getting away from the world for a while, maybe it’s just feeling the sound of my breathing or the fact that your head is freed and you don’t have to think about anything other than the beautiful landscape in front of you for 50 minutes.

My other diving option was a shipwreck, which maybe today I regret not having done, because they say it’s pretty good, but I knew I wasn’t going to see much life and I ended up choosing West Wall.

Kittiwake Wreck Dive

For those who do not dare to dive, you have the possibility of snorkeling anywhere on the island (including Kittiwake) where you are sure to see fish.

And if you want to go to the depths, there is an activity that allows you to get closer to that experience. Sea Trek Cayman allows you to dive with a hull built with the highest quality standards and capable of providing three times the amount of air necessary to breathe. Visitors will be able to experience the wonderful underwater life up close. The adventure is supervised by a trained professional guide who previously provides all the safety instructions necessary to enjoy this impressive experience.

Stingray City Tour

I have to admit that I almost didn’t do this excursion. I had seen photos that did not generate much enthusiasm in me but at the same time Tripadvisor told me that it was the number 1 activity to do in the Cayman Islands and many people insisted that it was incredible.

My fear was finding dozens of boats next to each other with hundreds of people killing themselves to take a photo with a stingray.

Today I can tell you that going was the best decision I could have made and I totally agree with that position in the Tripadvisor ranking.

We left very early in the morning, they picked me up at the hotel and we went to the Red Sail Sports company dock. There they were already preparing the large catamaran with which we would depart to the famous point of Stingray City. Previously fill out the classic liability waiver form and we begin to board the boat.

The crew showed up, gave some instructions and we started sailing. Those colors that drive everyone crazy began to appear and sitting on the stern of the catamaran I began to think that this was going to be good.

Swimming with rays in Stingray City

And after 30 minutes of sailing we arrived at Stingray City, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The dozens of boats were reduced to just 3 separated by quite a few meters. I felt like I had arrived at a pool in the middle of the sea and I won’t even tell you when I saw dozens of black spots under the water and I realized that what I saw were the stripes.

I couldn’t wait to get off but they previously explained some things to keep in mind so as not to have any problems or harm the animals. The catamaran group began to descend.

I waited for the vast majority to come down and then I went for that incredible animal. It was touching the water that was only 50 centimeters deep and having 5 rays come to my feet. I’m not going to deny that it gave me a little something but then I enjoyed them for an hour.

While everyone got together in a group to have them close, I went alone and with my gopro to have another experience. I wanted to see them move in their natural habitat, have them pass me by, film me with them. And I did it, my face was happy throughout that time and she said to myself, faith how you were about to say no to this.

I had already had the experience of diving with giant manta rays in the Maldives, but the fact of standing and having them pass you by is a totally different experience that I recommend to anyone traveling to these islands or any other destination that offers it.

Are the rays in their natural habitat?

Southern stingrays are naturally nocturnal creatures but have adapted to life in the sun simply due to their love of food. For many years, fishermen cast

anchors within the confines of the North Sound Barrier Reef to clean their daily catch. They threw the remains overboard and, over time, the stripes began to join together.

Big numbers for an easy to get meal. This is how Stingray City and the sandbank began.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is nothing to fear from streaks. In this case, their stinger is very small and is located above their tail, contrary to what many think that the length of the tail is their stinger. This does not mean that we have to take precautions and be able to do anything, but as long as we move calmly, we do not want to grab them from anywhere, there is nothing to worry about.

Today there are more than a hundred rays and they are checked twice a year to ensure they remain healthy.

From Stingray City to Rum Point

To visit this incredible place, several tours are offered. In my case I made one that after visiting Stingray City they take you to Rum Point, a kind of inn at the other end of the island. Much quieter where it seems that only those who take this type of excursions arrive.

However, you can easily get there by car and there is even accommodation to get away from the most touristy area of ​​Grand Cayman. I thought it was nice but the beaches didn’t impress me as much as Seven Mile. We had lunch there and were able to have 1 hour free to enjoy the beach, snorkel or some of the activities offered at said parador.

Also for early risers, know that there is a tour that leaves at 7:30 and returns at 10:30 am and has three stops that include snorkeling between the coral barriers and Starfish Point.

Stingray City is also available for diving although the depth is shallow it is a good stop for beginner divers.

Other activities we can do in the Cayman Islands


In a bay in Grand Cayman, one of only a dozen places in the world, a magical and exotic phenomenon exists. It is an extraordinary natural light show known as Bioluminescence. It is the result of a high concentration of species and microorganisms. A minimal movement of light in the water causes a striking bioluminescence for the enjoyment of visitors. The outing, which takes place at night, can be booked through local operators and can be done by kayak or boat and allows visitors to get into the water, which remains warm even at night, to experience this spectacle. natural very close up.

Grand Cayman Navigation

Another excellent activity for those who want to sail and see the island from the sea. There are several daily departures by catamaran or sailboat to visit different parts of the island or snorkel. Also an excellent option is to do it at sunset to enjoy this incredible spectacle without anything in the way and as close as possible.

There are even sailings in the afternoon to Rum Point to have a barbecue dinner on said island and then return almost at dusk.

Visit George Town

George Town is the capital of the islands and where the port and commercial area of ​​Grand Cayman is located. The cruise ships arrive here and therefore it is where we can find the most movement on the island.

Look how important the cruises will be for the Cayman Islands, the arrival and departure time of these ships influences the business hours of George Town. Without knowing it, the first day I went at 5 in the afternoon, a rather early time for the normal of the shops and most were closed since the cruise had already departed. In general, 5 in the afternoon is the closing time of the businesses in this area, so I recommend going earlier to visit them.

I returned on the last day and the businesses had opened at 7 in the morning, the arrival time of the cruise. Also to keep in mind on Sundays nothing opens!!

The center is quite small but it covers approximately 10 blocks by 5 and you can walk around it easily, although you can bear the heat and if you can go early in the morning, the better. You will find all kinds of brands and businesses, and since it is tax-free, some products tend to have a lower price, such as watches, perfumes, etc.

I went by bike from the hotel and it took about 10 minutes to get there. I walked a few blocks with the sole objective of buying a magnet and obviously getting to know a little. There are several restaurants, including a Hard Rock Cafe and several shopping malls.

For those interested in museums, here is the Cayman Islands National Museum.

Visiting a little history of the Cayman Islands

voyage to the “new world”, Columbus was on his way to the island of Hispaniola, what we currently know as Haiti and the Dominican Republic. During the journey, his boat was pushed towards “two islands

very small, full of Galapagos tortoises that looked like small rocks”, this is how these islands were called Las Tortugas. The two islands sighted at that time

They were Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, two of the territories that, together with Grand Cayman, complete the trio that we know today as the Cayman Islands.

The first recorded populations of the Cayman Islands date back to 1773, when it was estimated that a total of 450 people lived on the islands.

Peter St James

A must-see stop for history lovers is Pedro St. James, an impressive restored mansion that transports us to the 18th century just a twenty-minute drive from the center.

from the city.

This mansion went from being the home of its builder, William Eden and his son, to the Palace of Justice and prison. It is one of the most important places in the history of the Islands since democracy in this country was born here in 1831 when the decision was made to form the first elected parliament.

The visit can be guided or self-guided with the brochures found at the entrance. The visit includes touring the old house and its different rooms, as well as the entire environment that surrounds it. It can take us an hour or half an hour more if we want to attend a historical film at the microcinema.

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