Three Days of Wonder: Your Comprehensive Singapore Itinerary

There are many things you can do in Singapore, that is why we recommend a minimum of 2 days, ideally 3. If you are going to do a scale and they have a few hours or a full day, they will not get to know everything but at least they can go visit the bay, which is the most striking thing in the city.

Singapore is the exception country in Southeast Asia. There is no traffic chaos, horns and dirt do not exist, rules and prohibitions abound. The standard of living is very high and costs increase quite a bit in terms of hotels, food, etc. There is a lot of luxury and it is a city that works perfectly, which is why it is a very big shock when you come from countries like Thailand or, in our case, INDIA!!

How to get from the airport to the center of Singapore

Outside of what can be private transportation, taxi, etc. where it is obviously usually the most expensive option; The best option is public transportation. It is very easy to get around Singapore and almost everything is done on foot, but if we add to this that the transportation system is great, it closes everything!!

From the airport the best options are subway or bus depending on where you are going to stay. The reality is that we are somewhat reluctant to use the bus when we go to another country. In most cases you need a card or paying for it becomes more difficult. And it also doesn’t prevent traffic. However, in the case of Singapore, at least from the airport to the hotel we arrived in very good time although it is more than half an hour away.

With respect to pay too easy. In the case of the subway you can pay when you use it. However, I recommend that when you arrive at the airport you go down where the terminal is located and there you will be able to buy the transportation card. It can be with cash or card for the days that you want to use transportation unlimitedly.

The minimum is 3 so we buy that one card. When you pay, they charge you 10 euros, which is what the pass costs, plus approximately another 10 euros for the card.

But BE CAREFUL because if you return the card they will refund said amount at the time. And in addition to everything, this card is used for all transportation. So that’s why I say the system works very well.

What to do in Singapore on the 1st day

On this day we are going to cover the things that you cannot miss for anything if you go to Singapore. More than anything, for those who take it as a scale there are several points but it can be done. If you have 2 days or more, it is better to add some attractions for the next day.

Singapore Marina Bay

Without a doubt, the symbol of Singapore is its Bay. Even more so if you have the possibility of staying at the Marina Bay Sands, famous for having the largest infinity pool in the world with incredible views of this place. In our case it did not fit the budget, however we did decide to stay in this area. For us it was the best place to stay and we still think the same because being close to the bay is a great plus. The only negative thing is that most of the hotels are luxurious and the prices are somewhat high, it is a matter of looking for an offer or cheap hotel if there are any.

What can we find in the bay? . Basically it is turning it around to have a different panorama of the entire city. Perhaps during the day it is not as striking as at night but it is still worth visiting.

In addition to walking, the main points to know are:

The Marina bay Sands

Even if you are not staying, you can visit it and go up to one of its highest floors to have excellent views of the entire marina. The only way to visit their pool is if they are staying, so if you want the typical photo you have to take it!!

In front of the hotel is the shopping where it is nice to walk for a while because it is quite impossible to buy something and recover from the suffocating heat in Singapore. Get ready.

In front of the hotel at night there is a water and light show that we highly recommend seeing, if I remember correctly it is from 9 to 11 every half hour. Right next to the Louis Vouitton store you will find some wooden stairs, there you must sit to watch the show.

Behind the Hotel you will find Gardens by the bay, the Singapore Gardens in the middle of the city of Singapore that create a magnificent contrast. They can be accessed for free both day and night. They will only have to pay if they want to access the tree-shaped towers or the closed part made up of the dome-shaped greenhouses. At night there is an unmissable light show

The Opera Esplanade theater

You will be struck by its architecture and its shiny roof made up of thousands of aluminum panels. You can visit the interior and buy tickets for some of the shows offered in some of its giant halls. From there you have very good views of both Marina Bay and all the tallest buildings in Singapore.

Singapore Flyer

It is not advisable to visit it if you do not have much time, and although it is located a few meters from the bay, from there you will be able to see the enormous Ferris wheel similar to the one in London which you can climb to have beautiful views of the city from above. Day or night is your choice. It costs approximately 25 dollars per person.


It is the symbol of Singapore and we find it at one end of the Bay next to all the buildings. It is a figure that is half fish, the tail, which represents the city’s fishing past, and half lion, the head, which represents the Lion discovered by the prince who rediscovered Singapore.

There people take the typical photo swallowing the stream of water that this “little animal” throws, although if you want to do it I recommend going early or late if you don’t want to get tired of some Asian ruining your photo.

Clarke Quay and Boat Quay

Two neighborhoods separated by a bridge and within walking distance of the bay are Singapore’s nightlife. During the day they don’t say much although Boat Quay is quite picturesque because it has maintained the architecture of the old Singapore houses. The largest number of hostels are found in both neighborhoods. It is an area that I highly recommend to stay because it is also close to everything and is very good to enjoy the night.

Clarke Quay It is very nice to walk around at night and enjoy one of its restaurants, even more so if you have the budget to eat on one of its terraces overlooking the river listening to music.

Boat Quay However, we take it as more of a bar area. In both cases, seeing all the buildings in the background illuminated with colors is something incredible and what attracts the most attention in Singapore.

What to visit in Singapore on day 2

As you saw on the first day, there are several things to do, so the ideal would be to make it more relaxed and allocate some of the points to the second day.

You can also visit:

The Raffles Hotel, beautiful to see for its colonial architecture, one of the most expensive to stay, you can tour the interior along with its terraces and bars where they offer very good quality cocktails.

Orchard Road paradise for shopping lovers.

There are something like 10 blocks of huge shopping malls side by side on both sides of the avenue. The strangest thing is that in two shopping If you continue, you can find half of the same brands. IT IS TOO MUCH ALREADY.

It is partly overwhelming because you get lost and you don’t know which one to go to, or what brands you can find in each one, which is why we didn’t find it very practical for shopping. It is very nice at night since most of the streets are illuminated with colors.

Cultural neighborhoods

Singapore has received and receives a large number of cultures, which is why we will find Little India (we came from India, so we didn’t go to meet him), Chinatown (we don’t have time and we are not lovers) and the Kampong Glam (Arab street, we had been to Dubai before India and we didn’t decide to go either).

We cannot give you our opinion on any of them but we mention them for those who are interested.

What to see in Singapore if we have a third day

The third or subsequent days can be dedicated to other places such as the zoo or the Sentosa Island the place of attractions for Singaporeans where they will find everything from beaches and water parks to Universal Studios. Therefore, it is a good option to spend the day having fun on this island.

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