Santiago Shopper’s Paradise: Exploring the City’s Trendiest Retail Spots

Santiago is not just Shopping.As we already mentioned in our previous posts, Santiago de Chile can be divided into 2 parts, one which would be the old town and which integrates the historical part of Santiago along with the most touristic neighborhoods and the 2 main hills of the city. All this information along with the route can be found in the following posts

The other part of Santiago would be the modern, financial part and the one that has had the most investment in recent times where one of the main things for which one travels to Santiago is located, the Shopping Malls!!

Is it convenient to buy in Chile?

The reality is that we went to see and do some shopping in Santiago de Chile. However, Santiago has a lot to offer and it is a shame to travel just by locking yourself in the shopping malls every day, but tastes are tastes and everyone does what they want according to their interests. Our recommendation is that you don’t stop shopping but at least set aside one day to visit the tourist spots in Santiago and if you can, more is better, since there is a lot to see.

Already entering what would be the modern part of the city to give it a name, we can find neighborhoods like Las Condes, one of the most famous and most chosen to stay. In our post they also have some recommendations. Also near it we find neighborhoods such as Vitacura and Providencia also chosen to stay during your visit to Santiago.

Within this area, the most tourist spots are the shopping malls and enjoying walking through the streets of these beautiful neighborhoods along with the parks that we can find throughout the city and the great gastronomic offer.

Where to buy in Chile – Shoppings

In Santiago we can find 3 shopping malls that are the most important in the city, of which we visited only 2, leaving out Alto las Condes, so we have no reference to it other than the data we were able to obtain from those who were with us. Regarding stores and prices in both, they are usually similar, it may be that a brand is in only one or both, what is repeated are the large stores such as Paris, Falabella and Ripley.

In terms of values, in our opinion there is a difference with Argentina but obviously it is not the same as what can be found if you travel to the United States. If you are going to find brands that are not available in Argentina, or good prices in clearance sales. What is appliances and technology, there is quite a difference and we find it more convenient. It was the first time we traveled to Santiago so we cannot say if we went during a good sales season or not; or if the prices are more or less always similar.

Parque Arauco – The best shops in Santiago de Chile

Parque Arauco was without a doubt the Shopping that we liked the most. Firstly, because it is small and easy to get around and the best of all is its outdoor patio with restaurants, all illuminated that at times makes you feel like you are in Miami.

The truth is that this part is very well done and despite not being one of the cheapest places to eat, it almost forces you to at least sit down and have something to eat. We took the opportunity to have dinner since there was just a musical show and the night was ideal. For those who are not interested in shopping, I assure you that it is worth visiting.

There are 2 ways to get there. The easiest is to take an Uber directly to the shopping center, the other is to take the metro line 1 to the Escuela Militar station and from there walk approximately 20 blocks. It is a very quiet area so you can walk without any problem. If you have the card to use the bus from said station, there are 3 lines that take you to the mall.

The shopping opens from 10 am to 9 pm while the restaurants close at 11 pm or on Fridays and Saturdays it lasts until 2 am.

At the information centers, if you register with your passport, they will give you a card and a guide to use discounts on some brands, although they are not always for what is on sale.

Alto Las Condes

We did not have time to visit this shopping, so therefore we do not have opinions about it but we mention it so that you know that you have a third option to visit and shop in Santiago de Chile.

Costanera Center – The largest to do your shopping in Santiago de Chile

It is the largest in Santiago and we believe that in South America. It has countless stores on its 6 floors but we liked that it is not complicated to navigate. Just go around, which means that if you don’t get to know it in one day you can easily divide it according to the floors you are going to visit.

In addition, each floor is oriented to a particular interest, whether electronics, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, etc. The negative point is that since it is the largest, it is the most touristy and therefore the one where people visit the most, which is why sometimes it can be a little crowded and make you want to leave after 2 minutes.

At the entrance they also give a card with discounts and the hours extend until 10 at night, 1 hour more than Parque Arauco. However, large stores like Falabella close at 9.

Next to the Costanera Center, another attraction is the Sky Costanera, the tallest tower in Santiago at 300 meters high and to which you can access the viewpoint located on the top floors from 10 in the morning until 10 in the morning. evening.

We didn’t enter either since the days we were there we saw too much mist that covered the mountain range so it didn’t seem very interesting to go up. However, those who have done the experience have told us that the views are incredible, even more so considering that it is the tallest tower in South America.

To get to both points, the closest metro station is Tobalaba.

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