Navigating the Journey to Abu Dhabi’s Mosque from Dubai

If you travel to Dubai, our recommendation is that you do not miss going to this place just to see the Abu Dhabi mosque.

TO 150 km From Dubai is Abu Dhabi, the second best-known emirate after Dubai, however it is the largest in area and the richest since it concentrates most of the oil wells. His son was the one who started the construction of this beautiful mmosque of unrivaled construction. The wonderful white color of the marble brings it to the point of being able to put this place almost on par with the Taj Mahal..

How to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Admission to the mosque is free. To enter, women must be covered from head to toe, so they lent me the mask for free. outfit. I was covered but not my head so if you want to avoid using it you know. Men should wear long pants.

Strictly prohibited photos with some type of symbol or sign. We wanted to take one with open arms and the guard probably shot us while we were taking the photo. He came over and made us delete everything in a very bad way and without understanding.

We know what there is Guided visits But when we entered, no one knew how to confirm the schedules for us, so we toured it on our own.

Both the floor, walls and columns are inlaid with precious stones. It has 82 domes and more than 1000 columns along with the four minarets in each corner of the central courtyard.

Under the main dome is this luxurious and giant prayer room. To access it you must cross the patio through one of the corridors that are on its side in the shape of arches. They must take off their shoes and they will be able to enter. Inside we will find immense crystal lamps made by Swarovski bathed in gold. Another detail is the Persian rug that in itselfIt is the largest in the world made in one piece. Every detail is a artwork.

Excursion to Abu Dhabi

The most common and economical way is by hiring a excursion generally 8 hours through Abu Dhabi, where apart from the mosque they take you to the other points of interest in this city. The bad thing is that you cannot control the times if you decide to stay to enjoy the mosque more for example, everyone already knows how the tours work.

Initially we had chosen this option but we were delayed with transportation and we lost it when we arrived late…

Private taxi or car

The other option and the one we chose for a matter of time but it is more expensive, was to hire a car/taxi to take you privately to Abu Dhabi. It is a good option if you do not have much time or prefer to do it without other people and manage your schedules as you like.

Even better and I thinkIf you look for the most convenient one in advance, rent a car and do it on your own, we couldn’t since they asked us for a very high security deposit and other agencies international driver’s license. We also think it’s a good idea to go and spend the night in Abu Dhabi and return early the next morning.


The most economical option of all is to take the bus from Al-Ghubaiba station located Bur Dubai next to the Carrefour supermarket. They usually leave approximately every half hour unless it fills up earlier.

The price per section is approximately 7 dollars , so it is an excellent option if you have time since you will only spend 15 dollars on the trip. The only thing they will have to add is a short taxi ride or, if applicable, the bus that takes them to the mosque since it does not have a stop at that place.

Emirates Palace Hotel

It is one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world. You can go to eat and depending on if there is no event they allow you to visit inside. In our case, apart from the fog, there was an important official staying so we couldn’t meet him either. Incredible luck.


The driver told us that the Abu Dhabi seafront is a beautiful place, well we couldn’t discover it, I don’t know what you think.

For fans of Ferrari also on an island called Yas Island You will be able to find the only Ferrari theme park in the world. They didn’t speak very well to us about this park due to the small number of attractions, so we decided not to visit it.

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