Maldives Marvels: Must-Do Activities in this Tropical Haven

The Maldives Islands are truly paradise. Until we arrived, we believed that the amount of photos we saw with the turquoise water almost motionless with the white sand background were all photoshop. However, we realized that it was reality, leaving us with our mouths open from the moment we set foot until we left. Rarely have we been in a place and not been able to believe what we were seeing, the Maldives was one of them.

Without a doubt, the Maldives are the paradise par excellence, the turquoise color of the water takes it to the level of positioning it among the first best in the world as well as the hotels it offers.

1. The climate in the Maldives Islands

We were in the month of January and the experience was more than recommended. The reality is that in all months the weather is good because they are located near the equator, what changes is the amount of precipitation it receives. Therefore there are 2 seasons one dry and one wet. It dries it and obviously recommended for traveling It runs from November to May, but also since it is high season, prices tend to become more expensive. On the other hand, there is the wet season that runs from May to October, however it does not usually have abundant rains as usually happens in Southeast Asia since temperatures do not vary too much throughout the year.

2. How to get to the Maldives

To get to the Maldives you can fly from any continent. From Argentina or South America The most convenient option is usually to fly to Qatar or Dubai, taking advantage of a stopover in these destinations and from there taking the flight to Male, which is the capital of the Maldives.

We fly from Singapore with an airline Low Cost for only 50 dollars, so if you are traveling through Southeast Asia it is a good option to combine since from there it is only a 5-hour flight. It is also an excellent option to combine it with India, in case we should have flown from there, but the India-Maldives flight was the same as doing India – Singapore – Maldives and in the process we added one more destination; so it’s all a matter of looking for prices.

3. What to do in Maldives

If they are only going to pass the night in Male We leave you two recommendations. The first is that they stay in Hulhumale, which is where the airport is located, avoiding having to cross to Male, losing more transfer time. The second is that you coordinate the transfer with the hotel, because when you arrive there is no taxi like in most airports, so you have to take a public bus that can leave you far from the hotel or there is a telephone in the information office It allows you to call your hotel so they can come pick you up and if you don’t know English well it is a bit difficult to understand them.

Upon arrival you will also find a lot of small desks that belong to hotel chains to coordinate the entire issue of transfers to the island, so check that information carefully with the hotel in case you have to show up there.

4. Types of Islands

In the Maldives there are 2 types of islands, the local ones or the ones where there is only one hotel, which would be private. The differences are that in the local ones you live with the locals of the island and therefore you must respect their customs and religions, such as not being able to be in Mayan on the beach or consume alcohol. There are hotels that also have their private beach but they are not the majority. The plus point that these islands have is that they have the cheapest hostels or hotels, being the best option for those traveling alone.

The construction of these hotels made the Maldives more accessible since it forced everyone to lower prices due to the increase in hotel supply. Whereby visit Maldives cheaply It’s not as impossible as it once was. This does not mean that you cannot visit desert islands or other hotels, since you can hire excursions from any island you are staying at.

Unlike local islands, there are islands where there is only one hotel and the island is not shared with anyone other than those staying at the hotel. Point against is that it is obviously more expensive, in favor of all, but always more intended for families or couples depending on the hotel.

The islands are usually very small where you can go around them in 5 minutes, many have all-inclusive service and have the famous overwater cabins.

5. How to move to the islands

To get to the islands, transportation leaves from Male and if you have already booked a hotel, you may coordinate it with them who will offer you different possibilities. Among them is the boat or plane since several of the local islands have airports.

Unlike private islands where you can only get there by boat or seaplane. In the case of the most distant islands, you can also take a plane to a local island and boat from there. Although the seaplane is the most expensive way, if you have the possibility of doing it, do not miss that unique experience of landing on the water just meters from the hotel you are going to stay at.

For those afraid of the plane, the truth is that in the seaplane you don’t feel anything, both takeoff and landing are very smooth and it is only half an hour of flight that passes very quickly because you are entertained by the incredible views from the air

5. Where we stayed in the Maldives

For our stay we chose Angaga Island Resort, it was the cheapest thing we found within the private islands and best of all, the difference for being in a cabin over the water was not too much, so since we were there we decided to treat ourselves. The experience of getting up, going out to the terrace of the bungalow, having those views and that just by going down a small staircase you are already in the water is something you cannot believe.

What to do in the Maldives

The Maldives is mainly a place of rest since it does not offer many activities except for diving lovers, which is also one of the best places in the world to practice this activity.

For those who are not into diving, snorkeling excursions are also offered so you don’t miss out on seeing the incredible giant manta rays, sharks and even the enormous whale shark. Hotels also usually offer transfers to uninhabited islands, fishing, tours of different islands, rental of kayaks, jet skis, etc.

Regarding the hotel, the facilities are quite rustic, the floor is the sand itself, which is why we have even gone to dinner barefoot because the hotel allows that and it was one of the things we liked the most. Feeling free to be how you want and not thinking about how you have to dress if it were a high-end hotel. We were going with that idea of ​​Maldives and this hotel showed us something totally different. It does not have a pool, it only has a spa with somewhat expensive prices, this is not the case in the case of food and drinks. The Maldives experience can be all-inclusive with or without drinks or half board.

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