Journeying East: What Argentinian Travelers Need to Know for a Trip to India

In this post we leave you basic information that you should take into account if you are going to take a trip to India to avoid any problems.

We will write about the places to visit in future posts. In our case the trip to India was for 10 days and began in Delhi to continue through Agra, Jaipur and Varanasi.

We consider that they are the main and most touristic points to visit if you go to India for the first time. Many only stay with the Triangle but in our opinion and I think it is the opinion of many, they cannot miss Varanasi.

It is very difficult for us to convey in words what one experiences in India, and we also believe that the experience is very personal, there is a reason some hate or others love India. Therefore, we are only going to focus on practical data to help you on your trip and not so much on what we live and feel in each place of this incredible country.

Requirements to travel to India

Indian Visa

In the case of Argentines and Uruguayans we are not exempt but it is free!! , so an important point in favor. The issued visa allows a maximum of 3 entries during its 5-year validity and each stay cannot exceed 90 days.

After the third visit, re-entry is only allowed after 2 months. There must also be an interval of 2 months between each entry into the country.

There are 2 possible ways to process the visa, online or in person.

In person

India Visa Form

(Regular visa application option)

Passport minimum validity of 6 months

2 color photos 5×5 white background (you must take them, do not paste them anywhere)

Yellow fever vaccination certificate

To make it more practical, the best option is the online option, as well as if it is impossible for you to get to the federal capital. 

How to get to and travel within India

If you are going to fly to India direct from Argentina, the best options today are Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airlines and Emirates. Otherwise you can search for nearby countries and from there take any low-cost airline.

As in all trips there are 2 ways to discover India either on your own or with a guide. When I refer to a guide, it can be a mass tour or someone who privately accompanies you throughout your tour. In our case we are not very involved in the tour with 70 people, we do not enjoy it, but each one travels according to their economy and tastes.

We arrived from Dubai and after India we continued our trip to Singapore.

Regarding this, if you do not know how to do it, what you should keep in mind are 3 things.

Costs: Obviously going with everything assembled from here is more expensive, a point against or in favor depending on each one is that you don’t have to organize anything, everything is already assembled.

Knowledge: In our case I must say that from the experience with the tour we learned much more about the history of each place, architecture, etc. and if you get a local guide, which in India is most likely you will learn much more about their lives. Unlike when you travel on your own you lose many things but in our opinion there are more anecdotes and different things experienced because you are forced to deal more with the locals.

Tips for traveling to India

If we think about planning a trip to India we should know that:

1- The best time to take a trip to India is between October and March, since despite being Winter the temperature is the most pleasant to visit since during the day we will have temperatures between 12 and 20 degrees depending on the city we visit. , descending a little at night. Regarding the other months, it is better to avoid them due to the heat and monsoons since it is obviously more difficult to visit in addition to the fact that there are more insects, smells and consequently diseases. We traveled in January and it seemed like an ideal temperature. Also regarding tourism since the only place we felt was full was the Taj Mahal, as it is the most touristic spot in India and one of the most important in the world. In other cases we were always very calm.

2- The time difference between Argentina and India is 8 and a half hours. It’s good to know when we want to communicate.

3- The currency used is the rupee. 1 dollar is approximately 60 rupees. When we went there was a big problem with the issue of rupees since they were changing the bills and almost no one changed them. In some hotels, they always allowed us with a limit of 50 dollars. It is best to pay with a credit card or withdraw money at an ATM with a debit card. Keep in mind that your bank may charge you commissions but it is probably more convenient than what they may take from you when exchanging it.

Safety and Food in India

4- Many ask us if India is a safe place. In our case we can say that yes, nothing happened to us but the truth is, more than anything at night we do not feel that security that we do feel in other Asian countries. The reality is that nobody does anything to you, we went out at night to eat every day looking for places near the hotel but we didn’t feel like we could go anywhere, maybe because the majority look at you strangely and even approach you or because everything is Very dark. The worst thing that happened to us is walking and a boy from behind grabbed us by the foot to ask us for money (imagine the mess we made), but he didn’t do anything to us, he just asked us and stopped a car, challenged him and he left.

During the day you can walk very calmly anywhere and at most they can approach you to sell you something, ask you for a photo but for the most part they are always very polite.

We also did not see cases where someone suffered robbery or violence. Always, as in any country, you may have to take some precautions with valuable things but we have not seen any of these. So walk calmly. Just be careful with those who want to scam you, especially tuk tuks. Always set the price and the place where you are going to avoid being taken for a walk to markets and ending up being charged another price.

5.- As for animals, you will see all types and species walking down the street without any problem. You just have to be careful, avoid touching them, especially the monkeys because they are aggressive and if they bite you straight to the hospital. Remember that cows are sacred, so they respect each other more than a person.

6.- Food and drinks: Always, ALWAYS drink bottled water and make sure it is closed, even to brush your teeth. Hotels always leave bottles free of charge to use in these cases. Same with food, control where you eat more than anything by how you wash the food and the products you may use. Our stomachs are not prepared to eat much of the food they eat and it can ruin an entire day or even the trip. Always clarify the issue that you do not want too spicy because you will end up leaving more than one meal.

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