Halong Bay Marvels: Exploring the Beauty of Vietnam’s Natural Gem

When we organized our trip and came to know Vietnam, we were not clear about what we were going to be able to visit there, much less having heard about Halong Bay, we only knew that it was an exotic destination. Today, after having been there, it was one of the destinations that has surprised us the most not only because of the existence of this incredible natural wonder but also because of the people who welcomed us in an incredible way in each place we visited.

If you are planning to go to Vietnam, Halong Bay has to be on your itinerary, I mean, take days from somewhere else but please don’t stop going to this place, you will thank us.

How to get from Hanoi to Halong Bay

This wonderful and imposing place is located in the North of Vietnam, precisely in Halong, about 300 km from Hanoi, the capital of the country, about 4 hours by bus. The bay comprises thousands of giant stone islets above the China Sea that make this place jaw-dropping.

Halong Bay Tour

The best and most practical way to get to know Halong Bay is by hiring a cruise with an agency. It can be done on your own by going to Halong but we do not recommend it if you do not have time. In our case we had booked to spend 2 days and 1 night but we were unlucky that the weather was horrible and it was cancelled. The worst of all was that we only had one more day left so we could only do the 1-day excursion.

Regarding agencies We read everything, that they scam you, that they charge you anything, etc. In our case we contracted directly with the hotel a few months before and paying a reservation of half the value until we went on the excursion we were quite scared about that issue. However, they did everything and gave us our money back for the day we couldn’t go.

The excursions are all more or less the same, they supposedly vary in the quality of the services. An economical, intermediate and luxury one.

Night in Halong Bay

If you are going to do the day trip you can buy it directly there, if you are going to take an overnight trip on the boat we recommend doing it in advance since the best boats sell out. You can search for prices with each company or even on Booking.

The difference with respect to the days is that since the trip takes almost 8 hours round trip, the navigation is very short. Also, you obviously miss out on sleeping in the bay, so if you can, I recommend taking 2 days. There is also the option of 3 spending a night on an island.

Always check that transportation is included from Hanoi since otherwise you will have to pay for it separately and it can make the excursion much more expensive.

In the event that they have a night out, something that almost does not include is the drink, although some differ in the number of meals they offer.

Other differences between 1 or 2 days is that in the latter case, the boats, having cabins, are much larger and more picturesque.

What to do in Halong Bay

The excursion, as I told you before, starts from Hanoi. They will pick them up at the hotel, probably unpunctual, we wait an hour and they will leave for Hanoi.

When you arrive, you must wait for the attendant to take out the tickets and you must wait for the boat to approach.

Once they start sailing, they will feed them while they sail, surprised by everything they see. The boats have a terrace so you can take nice photos upon arrival throughout the tour.

Kayaking in Halong Bay

In a moment you reach a floating dock and you have the possibility of choosing between kayaking on your own for a few minutes or a boat where a guide will take you. Of the group that was with us, we were the only ones who asked for a kayak.

The others who ordered made them pay extra because they had not previously requested it. So keep this in mind to know if it is included.

Obviously the kayaking experience is better since you can go anywhere within a radius that they indicate to you.

Cave of Surprises (Hang Sun Sot)

Another thing that is usually included in a visit to the bay is visiting the famous Cave of Surprises.

The bad thing is the number of people who arrive at the same time and to enter you have to go at a man’s pace.

The good thing is that the place is incredible, you can’t believe that the interior is so big, added to the colored lights that they installed.

At the exit of the cave you also have beautiful views from above of the entire bay. As it is above sea level, to access the cave you have to climb quite a few steps.

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