From Buda to Pest: A Two-Day Adventure in Budapest’s Best

Budapest was formerly divided into Buda and Pest and in the same way we used that division to separate the attractions on each side of the Danube River and tour Budapest in 2 days. So if you want to know what to see in Buda, here we leave you the link What to see in Buda

Regarding the days, the ideal to do it well relaxed would be 3 since there are several things to see in Budapest, but with 2 you get to know the main thing calmly since almost everything is quite close. If you are going to do Budapest in 2 days, you can dedicate the first day to Buda and if you have time, do part of Pest, such as walking along its pedestrian street. Otherwise they will have the next day to dedicate it completely.

Places to visit in Budapest in one day, on Andrassy Avenue

Once we have crossed the Chain Bridge and walked a few blocks we will have the Andrassy main avenue. On it you will find several businesses and some of the most expensive brands in Europe and the best hotels in Budapest. It is a highly recommended area to stay if your finances allow it.

This avenue ends at Varosliget Park and here there are several attractions to visit. To get to the park, it is best to take metro line 1 (yellow) that runs along the entire avenue. Each subway ticket costs 1.50 dollars and this line is the only one they can use in terms of tourism. Tickets can be purchased with a card at the automatic machines or with money at the ticket office, but you must ALWAYS validate them at the little orange machines since there are no turnstiles.

Heroes Square: The most famous monument in Budapest

If you want to see it without people, I recommend visiting it before 8 because then the tours start arriving and it becomes difficult to get any photos without people.

From said square you can walk to the Park where apart from enjoying the place, you can see a castle and the Szechenyi Spa with its famous outdoor thermal pools, along with sauna and massage places. The architecture of this place is very beautiful and it was also inaugurated in 1913, which is why it has been operating for several years. You can buy tickets online or go that same day but always keep in mind that at the busiest times you may not get a place. There is also another spa called Gellert which can be found in the hotel that bears the same name.

Visit to the Budapest Opera

Already moving away from said square and returning to the side of the bridge on one side of Andrassy Avenue we will find 3 important places in the city. The first one Budapest Opera, It is a very beautiful building due to its architecture but obviously as we came from Vienna it did not catch our attention as much having been in front of the most beautiful Opera in the world. However, go visit it and even more so if you have not been to Vienna and you can take a guided tour or buy tickets for a concert.

From there we walked to the St. Stephen’s Basilica which did not catch our attention as much on the outside compared to what it is on the inside. The decoration is something incredible, the building is gigantic and to top it all off we just entered mass with the choir singing and it was something that stayed with us very much. You can climb the towers from which you have good views of the city but in my opinion no better than from the castle.

Entrance to the Budapest Parliament

We continue walking and reach the Budapest Parliament , the building that impressed us the most in the city without a doubt, due to its particular architecture, colors and its dimensions, it truly impacts the eye both from near and from afar. The square where it is located is also very beautiful. We recommend knowing the interior. To do this, you can purchase tickets online in advance with a fixed schedule and in the language you want. There is Spanish!! . The most normal thing is that they are sold out, so the ideal is that they reserve it online, print it and go directly with that. Otherwise, go to the place to see if there are tickets left for the day because there are several times (10, 13, 14 and 16). Online tickets, they cost approximately 15 dollars.

The visit is not very extensive and we only know one area and some rooms, but that was enough for us, since the luxury and decoration is something unbelievable and also entering a parliament is not something easy that can be achieved in any country and even more so if it is one of the largest in the world and with so much history. Furthermore, the camera they take you to see is the old one and they take you back in time with its wooden benches just like you see in the movies.

Near Parliament and on the bank of the river you will find the shoe monument which refers to the Jews who were murdered and thrown into the Danube during World War II. Without a doubt, a painful monument but one that allows us to remember so that such brutality is not repeated again.

Things to see in Budapest in 2 days

On the other side of Andrassy Avenue there are not so many attractions other than one of the main Vaci Utca streets, which is the pedestrian street where you will find clothing stores, souvenirs and several restaurants. It is very nice to walk and if you have the legs you can reach the Central Market.

We continue to get more into these streets, getting to know the Jewish quarter and some streets where we obviously lose the charm of the city and even in parts the buildings are quite ugly with nothing that attracts attention, so if you don’t have much time, don’t worry about them. I recommend that you lose them because it is not worth it in this case. If you have time I always recommend doing it because it is never good to be left alone with the tourist attractions of a city. But I make this difference because there are cities in Europe, such as Prague, that wherever you walk is truly beautiful.

Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar

There is a well-known bar that fills up with people called Szimpla Kert. They are known as ruin bars and there are several in Budapest but this is the most famous. What can they find? These were buildings in ruins, abandoned so it is a bar with old things that you can’t imagine hanging from the ceilings forming walls and even columns.

It really is quite crazy and striking, which is why I recommend visiting it and drinking and eating something inside. There you will find several stalls, don’t expect the typical bar or anything organized. There are many people inside. We also liked that they sell very cheap meals to benefit places in need. And at the same time, something that caught my attention is that despite being touristy, many locals go there, so one does not feel that it is a place to take advantage of tourists or be made for them. Everyone enjoys it.

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