From Andes to Ocean: Exploring Santiago, Viña del Mar, and Valparaiso

Many have asked us about how to get from Santiago de Chile to Viña or Valparaiso. Which is why we were forced to make this post.

How to travel from Santiago de Chile to Valparaiso

Since we had little time, we decided to go and return on the same day, trying to spend approximately the same hours in each place.

We were lucky that a Chilean friend was waiting for us in Santiago to accompany us on the visit to these 2 beautiful cities, which made everything easier. However, this does not mean that it is difficult to move from Santiago to Viña or Valparaiso.

In principle, it is worth clarifying that only approximately 120 kilometers separate them from Santiago, something like an hour and a half of travel, while only 10 km between the vineyard and Valparaiso, so that is not a complication when deciding whether to go visit. or not.

There are several ways to make this trip, we did it by bus but know that a good option is to rent a car depending on the season since sometimes it can become a little difficult to find parking and it is also obviously more expensive. The other option is to hire an excursion that takes you to see both places. The bad thing about this is that they cannot choose where to stay or what to see. From what we had been finding out, it was around $50 per person for cheap.

Bus from Santiago to Viña del mar – Valparaiso

Being in our opinion the most recommended and economical option, first of all you have to get to La Alameda Station.

To do this, you must take the red line 1 and get off at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile station, obviously right in front of the station is the University. When you leave the subway you only have to walk a few meters and you will find the bus station.

As soon as they enter, there is the ticket office where they can take a one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket. The interesting thing is that on the way back you can leave the schedule open and choose it at the return station, whether it is Viña or Valparaiso. It is also the same if you want to visit Viña or Valparaiso first, you can choose right there either because a bus leaves first or because you prefer to visit one city first before another.

Tickets are approximately 10 dollars, it may vary depending on the season. The buses are semi-sleeper type, quite comfortable, which is what one expects for such a short trip, although it does not have luxury conditions, but more than fine for a trip of this style. The important thing is that they have good frequency.

The first departure is usually between 6 and 7 in the morning and the last at approximately 10 at night.

How to visit each city

If you arrive in Viña, it will leave you a few meters from Quinta Vergara, a place famous for the annual concert in Viña del Mar, and from there you can walk to the clock where everyone takes the typical photo, being one of the most touristic spots in Viña. From that place we walked along the coast for many kilometers because the day we had had could not be more beautiful. We enjoyed the vineyard a lot but I think it is a city to visit with good weather, since perhaps on a cloudy day it would not be the same.

From Viña we also decided to go to eat at Con Con, which we highly recommend since it is much cheaper than Viña and the food is very good. We spent a large part of the day and were left with only a few hours to explore Valparaiso and that is why we decided that the issue of how to divide the time depends a little on the weather and if you like the city you arrive at. Truly, the ideal would be to dedicate at least one day to each city.

Valparaiso is one of those cities that is best explored when you get lost walking, because each little corner is special, its colors, its hills, I wish one could visit them all but time is not enough.

To get to Valparaiso, if you do it from Viña, you should go to the main avenues and check which line takes you to Valparaiso since there are quite a few and it’s all a bit disorganized with different numbers and routes. However, people are usually very friendly and will help you find the line you should take.

So now you know, if you travel to Santiago, more than recommended, a getaway to these places cannot be missed.

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