Exploring the Top 10 Beaches that Curacao Offers

The first thing to keep in mind is that Curacao is a fairly large island and 9 of the 10 beaches that I am going to detail now are in the west of the island, about 40 minutes from the center.

This is why renting a car is so recommended. Firstly because of the distance to the beaches, and secondly because to move between them the only way is to do it on your own or by hiring an excursion since the frequency of the buses is usually 2 hours.

If you are only going to visit a beach, you don’t have a problem there but I don’t think it is the most recommended. My recommendation is that you spend 2 days exploring these beaches. Even better if you book 2 nights in a hotel in that area so you don’t have to drive so much and enjoy the beaches of Curaçao from early morning until sunset.

On the entire island there are about 40 beaches, both public and private, I leave you with these 10 that I discovered and thought were crazy.

1 – Kenepa Grande (The best of Curaçao beaches)

Without a doubt, due to its colors, it is the one that has left me most amazed. Also, I’m not saying it, all the locals agree that it is without a doubt the best of Curaçao’s beaches. For some reason you will see it quite full on weekends, so if you can choose, I recommend a weekday to visit it.

Kenepa, like other beaches, is accessed by going down a staircase from the parking lot. All parking is free, the only thing that varies is that for some beaches you have to pay access for approximately 5 dollars. In this case it is free and you only pay if you want to use lounge chairs and umbrellas approximately 3 dollars per unit.

The water is super transparent, similar to that of Klein Curacao, warm and with very clean sand to get in without problems. It is also very spacious, so people never accumulate. They also have some high stones to jump towards this paradise. Super safe because there is quite a bit of depth down below. If you see the video at the end you can confirm that I’m still alive…

To eat there is a small restaurant with drinks, about 2 dollars, and a hamburger snack, 7 dollars approx.

Here enjoy one of the best sunrises in Curacao as the sun falls in front of the beach without anything getting in the way.

2- Kenepa Girl

The younger sister of the most famous beach in Curacao. Also with incredible colors but less touristy than the previous one, it is chosen by those who decide to escape the crowds for a bit.

On this beach we find nothing but sand, sea and stones. So if you plan to spend the day here, bring food and something to throw on the floor.

3 – Lagun Beach

One of the hidden gems of Curacao and that differs from the others. Mainly because of its greenish water color and because it is between stones which makes the water very calm. The beach is quite small and does not have services either.

They do have a restaurant, which is where I took the photo and which is accessed by stairs from the beach.

4 – Porto Marie

It was the first beach I visited of the western beaches of Curaçao. The turquoise color is something that is repeated in almost everything. What differentiates Porto Marie is the size since it is quite extensive and I think one of the largest on the island.

It also has another attraction: the pigs that we can find wandering around the beach. Here we do find several services.

5- Cas Abao

One of the best known among tourists. Here you pay to enter! The beach is also quite wide and has many tables to eat from the 2 beach stalls that I found, as well as a restaurant.

There is a place for massages with this incredible view, I don’t know what they will get!

6 – Piskado Beach

It is not one of the most beautiful beaches in Curacao but its main attraction is being able to swim among turtles.

It is worth clarifying that it is an open beach, the turtles are free. But since they have a fishing pier, they are attracted by food and while they are small they tend to stay in this area. In my case I counted 6 turtles passing by me, lots of fish and pelicans. The floor is made of pebbles, so it hurts a little when entering.

An incredible and free experience.

7- Kalki Beach

It is the least touristy beach I visited or at least it gave me that feeling. Access is public and there is a hotel at the top from where you have these incredible views.

From the hotel we also access an incredible cave to immerse ourselves in the small hole that is formed and walking several minutes further there is also another one with access to the sea.

The beach has very white sand, some pebbles and a very photogenic pier to spend some time. What I thought was that the wooden and straw umbrellas belong to the hotel and cannot be rented, but I have not verified that information. It is a good spot to dive because of the amount of marine life and it also has an old sunken plane.

8 – Forti Beach

With dark sand, it sets it apart from all the beaches of Curacao. Despite that, the water is very turquoise which generates an incredible contrast.

The best thing about this beach is the height of the stones to jump into the water. It was difficult for me to start because it is really high and you never end up falling, but it is amazing!!

9 – Karakter Beach (On the way to the beaches of Curaçao in the west)

On the way to the western beaches we stopped to eat at this place. The photo already says everything about the color. The only bad thing is that we don’t have a sandy beach here, only stones. The restaurant is excellent, I had a tuna that was incredible, but it is obviously not a cheap place.

It also has accommodation, called Coral State with views that seemed like they were from another planet, so if you have the budget to stay in this place, more than recommended. You can access to eat without having to pay any income and you will be able to enjoy this beach.

10- Jan Thiel Beach (Curaçao beaches in the center)

Finally, the beaches in the center are not the best but they are nevertheless incredible. The one I was able to enjoy the most, besides the one in Santa Barbara where I stayed, was the one in Jan Thiel. There is the Papagayo hotel that allows free entry to that beach. Otherwise you have to pay the entrance fee. It is also a beach that is part stone and part sand.

Within this complex there are several paradores to rent umbrellas, lounge chairs, etc. And several bars and restaurants to spend the day.

They also have Mamboo beach with beautiful beaches, shopping places, restaurants, you have to pay to access. Inflatable games, water sports. Good scene until nightfall, where parties are usually held.

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