Essential Frankfurt: A Packed Itinerary for 24 Hours of Sightseeing

Frankfurt is a city that, to our taste, does not offer as many points of interest as other cities in Germany. Therefore, with 1 day I consider that it is enough time to get to know everything there is to see in Frankfurt, no matter what.

You will be able to know the most important things without rushing since everything is quite close.

Where to stay in Frankfurt

In our case we stayed near the airport and we found it to be an excellent option for those who are on a stopover, starting or ending a trip from Frankfurt.

The hotel we chose was the Steigenberger Airport which is located quite close to the airport and the transfer system is excellent. Not only do you have one every half hour at the 2 terminals, but in the lobby there is a screen that tells you when it is arriving and when it is going to leave. Likewise, for those who do not want to leave the hotel, it has several restaurants and paid parking for those with a car.

The transfer schedules are fixed so you can plan well when you need to go to the airport. One of the advantages of staying near the airport is that whether you make a stopover or end your trip in Frankfurt and have to take a flight the next day, you are already there and you won’t have to get up so early the next day. The disadvantage is obviously that you are far from the tourist spots.

However, the airport is connected by train to the center of Frankfurt, so in just half an hour you can be walking and getting to know the city. There are also free buses that connect the airport terminals.

Stopover or arrival at Frankfurt Airport

We had done the entire tour of Europe by car and saved the last day for Frankfurt. Therefore, the night before, we returned the car to the airport and went back to the hotel. The next day we visited Frankfurt and the next day we got up early in the morning to return to Buenos Aires.

If you are looking for a location in the center, the best would be near the old town hall, but any area you choose that is closer will be well located or at least a metro station nearby.

Places of Interest to Visit in Frankfurt

Although there are not many things to do in Frankfurt, what I liked most about this city is that there is a great combination between old and modern, being able to see old buildings with skyscrapers behind them at the same time. Unlike the rest of the German tourist cities where most of them were rebuilt maintaining their architecture.

If they reach the central Station , it is very nice to visit. From there you can walk to the Opera a very nice old building, the European Bank next to the euro symbol in Willy Brandt Square and the Main Tower to which you can access the observation deck to have the best views of Frankfurt.

For those who are interested in shopping or even just walking around window shopping, the most interesting streets are Zeil where you can also find the shopping Myzeil which has a very interesting interior architecture and Berger Strasse that extends for several blocks. We had the bad luck to go on a Sunday and in almost all of Europe, EVERYTHING closes!! So keep that in mind for any country you are going to visit.

Romerberg Square

Without a doubt, the main point and something you have to see in Frankfurt if you are passing through. It is also the most photographed place. Famous for its colors and typical buildings that, despite being rebuilt, maintain the style of the time. There you can see the city ​​hall , the city bank and a few meters away St. Paul’s Church.

From the square you only have to walk a few steps to meet the Meno laughed. , and which I recommend crossing to walk along the shore and observe the great contrast of this city. On this side of Frankfurt you can find a great offer of museums to visit and I recommend going for lunch or a drink in the evening in Sachsenhausen. The little streets are beautiful and there is a bar next to the other where the most famous drink of this city is offered, Apfelwein, a cider that for my taste was very bitter and that was not to my liking….

2 days in Frankfurt: Visiting Heidelberg and its castle

If you have one or more days, I highly recommend a visit to Heidelberg. It is only 80 km away and is a very charming city. There I recommend getting lost among its streets or walking the pedestrian Haupstrasse that unites the bismark square with the marketplace being able to see a large number of businesses and restaurants with great color and beautiful baroque style.

In the market square is the town hall and the church of the holy spirit. I also recommend walking along the banks of the river until you reach the Charles Theodore Bridge the best known in the city for its beautiful architecture. From this bridge you can go to the Philosophers Walk or Heidelberg Castle to have beautiful views of the entire city.


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