Eiffel to Versailles: A Quartet of Days Exploring Paris’ Best

If you ask us… Paris in 4 days is ideal, now by walking a lot and getting up very early in 3 days you can also visit the main tourist places in Paris, it all depends on how relaxed you want to explore it.

What to visit in Paris on DAY 1

On this day I would put the most important monuments of Paris and that it is preferable that the this beautiful day , because as I always say, you never know what can happen the rest of the days. If it rains on your first day or you arrive late, it is preferable that you do this tour the next day.

We start the day very early in the morning going to the Palace of Versailles Remember to be there at 9 o’clock or before to avoid the lines and visit it in the best way. This is just an itinerary through Paris, all the information about the Palace and the rest of the points that are not developed are in the following post

From the Palace they will take the train again and get off at the Eiffel Tower, there they can stay for a while because obviously since it is the first time they see it they will not want to leave immediately, but the best thing is to take the metro and get off in it Arch of Triumph, one of the main monuments of Paris.

Midday in Paris

It is assumed that by noon they will be in this area to have something to eat for lunch. From there walk down the Elysian Fields the great avenue that connects the arch with the Plaza de la Concorde, but we will leave the latter for the next day, since we are going to turn before and take Winston Churchill Avenue.

Elysian Fields

The Champs Elysées is the most beautiful and important avenue in Paris. Along it are the most luxurious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier among other.

There are also several showrooms for car brands such as Renault or Peugeot They are very well armed with exhibition cars, product sales, etc.

Continuing along this avenue, businesses begin to disappear to make way for parks with trees that run alongside this majestic artery.

The symmetry of Paris is perfect and this avenue is the ideal example, something I love about this city. There are so many things to see in Paris that this is a great help when finding your way around and not wasting so much time.

Taking Churchill Avenue you come across 2 giant and beautiful buildings, one is the Petit Palais. ANDs the Museum of Fine Arts where a large number of works are found, its visit is free. The other the Grand Palais also where there are important exhibitions. We did not visit either of them, we only toured the exterior.

Continuing along this avenue they arrive at the most famous bridge in Paris, the PAlexander fountain its architecture and decoration has no equal.

Crossing the Seine and in a straight line you will see a building with a large golden dome, it is the Palace of the invalids, Here are the remains of Napoleon. It was the residence of retired soldiers and today it functions as an Army museum among other exhibitions.

It is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the value is 11 euros or free for those who have the Paris Pass.

The Eiffel Tower

The next and last point is the Eiffel Tower a symbol of Paris and which I recommend that you leave it for last so that you can spend the afternoon on the Champ de Mars and then walk to Trocadero to enjoy the night show.

If disabled people do not want to walk far, there is a station that stops nearby, which is the Military School, but if they are willing to walk, it is the best way to get around the city.

Once you have had your fill of the Eiffel Tower you can take a ride on ship by the Seine. One of the companies is located meters from the tower.

Places to visit in Paris in 2 days

If you are going to spend 3 days in Paris and have no intention of visiting museums, you should only visit the outside of the Louvre.

Don’t go to Orsay and at the end of the tour add Montmartre which I am putting on day 4.

Some also tend not to do museums and leave the fourth day free to go to Disney,

Paris Museums

Taking the normal route we would start at Orsay’s Museum.

There are a huge number of works of art such as needlework and sculptures along with other pieces.

In my opinion, the most striking thing is the architecture of the building itself since it was formerly a train station.

Today it preserves part of it, such as the famous giant clocks that overlook the Seine.

The museum is open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. except on Mondays when it is closed.

Its price is 12 euros unless you have the Paris Pass.

From the museum we will cross the Seine River to reach the Tuileries Garden one of the most visited and beautiful in the city.

The place is more than anything to spend some time, maybe eat something to enjoy the day and continue on your way.

The next point will be Concorde Square which is located at one end of the garden.

We will distinguish it by having 2 fountains on the sides of a very particular obelisk and of great value due to its age since it was sent from Egypt.

This place was part of French history precisely in its revolution. It was the place where royalty was executed by guillotine, including Marie Antoinette.

In the square we will also find a fairly large tour of the world, about which we do not have much information since it did not attract our attention too much having climbed the tower and the arch.

To see the most prestigious streets and buildings we will continue along the Rue Royale until the Vendome Square . Both points are symbols of Parisian luxury.

We will continue with the imposing buildings towards the Garnier opera, one of the most striking buildings in the city. Its architecture and gold decorations attract attention at first glance.

The opera can be visited from the inside to reach the main hall. It’s really worth it because inside it is beautiful!!!

You can enter from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the value is 10 euros.

Shopping in Paris

From there we will visit 2 galleries, the first the most famous in Paris. Lafayatte where even though we are not interested in buying anything.

I recommend visiting it because of the incredible decoration in the center of the building. You can also go up to the top floor for free to have beautiful views of the city.

The other gallery is not very touristy and I don’t consider it essential either, but if you want to see something different it is called Vivienne.

The last point to visit the museum of Louvre And then it will depend on you if you want to visit the inside of the museum or just stay to take photos and visit the outside.

What to see in Paris in 3 days – Latin Quarter

The third day we can dedicate to the Latin Quarter, which we have already told you about and put together an itinerary in this post, and if you have time you can add a street that is not very touristy but very pretty called Rue Cremieux, which is just a block of small houses. colored next to each other

Paris in 4 days

The fourth day, as I said before, many use it to go to Disney if they have already seen everything, otherwise it is best to dedicate an afternoon to Montmartre.

During the morning visit places that we have pending so as not to kill ourselves the rest of the days or return to the Eiffel Tower.

This is always talking about being able to tour Paris in 4 full days because the most normal thing is that one’s morning is lost either because they arrive by plane or by train.

Therefore, this fourth day can become the first if they arrive after noon.

If on the fourth day you have to leave in the afternoon to another destination, it is preferable to leave the second day in the middle.

In this way they will be able to do Montmartre and the pending points on this last day.

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