Dubai Discovery: The Pinnacle of Tourist Attractions You Must Experience

To do both things quickly, taking into account the airport transfer, we believe that they will arrive in 8 hours. If you only have 6 hours it is average Risky unless they do everything by taxi.

1. Dubai Creek

Regarding the old or classic neighborhood of Dubai where this Emirate was born and reached what it is today, we highly recommend it obviously because of its history and because we will experience the authentic Dubai.For more information you can visit our post in which we detail the visit to this incredible place. For us, one of the best tourist places in Dubai to start the tour.

2. Downtown Dubai

dubai mall

The Dubai mall is the largest shopping mall in dubai and we also believe that of the world. Despite having traveled on the date of Dubai Shopping Festival We didn’t find big discounts. Inside you also have a Ice skating rink where we saw hockey played. It truly is a world and it has taken so long to reDon’t worry, there comes a time when you want to leave, even if you are shopping fans.

We were marking in the maps They give at the entrance the route we were taking so as not to go through the same place again and be able to see it completely.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

Inside the Dubai mall we can also find a giant fish tankThe aquarium is 50 meters long and inside you can see more than 30,000 animals of 100 different species, including sharks and rays. There are several experiences they sell at the aquarium, the first of which is being next to the panel, because if you don’t pay you see it like we do behind the signs.

The truth is that I don’t know if it’s justified unless you want to take a the glass. There are others experiences ranging from going under the aquarium to being able to dive inside it, but keep in mind that the value is quite high. A similar experience is offered at the Atlantis Dubai Aquarium

Other stores in Dubai Mall

For candy lovers in front of the aquarium there is a giant candy business called Candilicius It has everything you can imagine and if you don’t like it, at least visit it because inside it is very pretty.

Another of the attractions that this shopping has are some giant waterfalls, because everything in Dubai is gigantic, which cover all 4 floors and with several sculptures of humans jumping into what would be the pond. A fascinating work of architecture.

Burj Khalifa (One of the main tourist places in Dubai)

Along with the Dubai Mall is the Burj Khalifa The tallest building in the world and most representative of Dubai with its 828 meters surpassing the Taipei Tower and more than double the height of the Empire State Building in New York. As we said before, we consider it one of the main tourist places in Dubai.

Fountain of Dubai

Next to the Burj Khalifa you will find a huge artificial lake with crystal clear water where you will find the dancing waters of dubai, one of the city’s essential attractions. You will also find bars and restaurants of different values ​​but mostly of very high standard.

We attended this place both in the afternoon and were able to enjoy the place both during the day and at night, so I recommend that you do the same if you have time since it is appreciated in different ways.

When it began to get dark we had already found a small place to enjoy the fountain show in front of the Burj Khalifa, the night was perfect and as time passed everything began to light up as people gathered to watch the show.

The fountain show is a beautiful spectacle that you cannot miss, in my opinion it is no better than the fountains of the Bellagio in Las Vegas but it’s not something you can see in many places. They can be seen every day from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. every half hour and I recommend not sticking with just one since in all of them there is a different song with another set of lights and movement of the fountains.

Another attraction is accessing the Burj Khalifa viewpoints, we cannot tell you about our experience since we did not do it due to a matter of time and interest. In our opinion and what several people told us, it is due to the mere fact of climbing one of the tallest buildings in the world since there are no beautiful views as can be seen from the viewpoints of New York. But hey, it’s our own opinion and we can’t even tell you if it’s worth it or not, so it’s up to each individual. If you have never gone up to a viewpoint we think you should.

3. Dubai Marina (The most beautiful tourist places in Dubai)

Of the tourist places in Dubai, for us it was the most beautiful. The Dubai Marina was the place we liked the most and the one that for us is the best to stay. We say this because we believe that it is where you can best enjoy the night without having to move to another place, we stopped at the Marina Byblos. But if you are looking for cheap hotels in Dubai, the best option will be the old part, just keep in mind that it is the furthest away.

Touring the Marina takes time but it is worth it. It is a canal that is approximately 4 km long and you can go around it completely. The contrast between skyscrapers, hotelIt is very luxurious and the moored boats are amazing. It is also full of bars and restaurants with terraces or food carts if you want to spend a little less. There is also the Dubai Marina mall which is another of the large shopping malls in Dubai.

For those who have the possibility during the journey there is the marina yacht club where there are places to rent boats or motorboats Whether by the hour or days, you can also go out at night. It must be an incredible experience but it was out of our budget

One of the tourist places in Dubai, although not very well known, is its waterfront and promenade called The Walk where you can go shopping or just walk through its beautiful street. There you will find murals of this type, there are 14 in total and they are wonderful. It would be like a waterfront since there are the beaches in Dubai Marina, many places to eat and even an open-air cinema. It seemed to us that it is also the obligatory walk of the locals where alsoThey line up with the most luxurious cars.

4. Burj Al Arab – 7 star hotel Dubai

If we talk about luxury, one of the highest level tourist places is the Burj Al Arab. Dubai’s only 7-star hotel.

It cannot be accessed unless you are staying or have reservation to eat and you have to have a good budget.

The incredible thing about this hotel with striking architecture is that it is built on its own island a few meters from the coast.
The rooms are luxurious and range from $1,500 onwards. To be able to access the minimum consumption that is a snack starts at 100 dollars per person.

Burj Al Arab Beach

To take this photo on the beach with the hotel in the background you have to go to umm suqeim Beach which is the public beach next to the Jumeirah Beach hotel. From the entrance to the hotel you must walk about 5 blocks until you find an unrestricted entrance to the beach. This beach is not one of the best in Dubai, it has no facilities, I only recommend it if you want to take these types of photos.

5. Madinat Jumeirah

From the Burj al Arab we went to see the Madinat Jumeirah souk. It is a shopping area but decorated like a traditional souk. It has very nice shops and beautiful views from the terraces. You can take open boat rides through the canals. There are also places to eat inside.

6. Dubai Desert Safari

One of the activities that we cannot miss doing if we go to Dubai is to go on a desert safari. Generally all include about 30 minutes of vans through the sand, dinner in the tents in the middle of the desert with some other activities included.

We also had the opportunity to ride a buggy on our own. The bad thing was that the sun did not feel very good throughout the journey, so for more information you can visit the following link.

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