Discovering the Charm of Cesky Krumlov’s Historic City

Cesky krumlov reminded me a lot of Bruges, despite their differences obviously but many similarities between the two. They are one of those small cities that you fall in love with at first sight with their colors and old buildings that give them an unparalleled charm.

Those narrow alleys, almost mostly made of cobblestones, invite us to walk for hours, making us feel as if we were in a story, that’s why I say that it reminded me a lot of witches since I create the same sensations.

We visited it coming from Prague and having left early in the morning to arrive at noon.

What to visit in Cesky Krumlov

I think I have made it more than clear with a few words that it is a city to walk and walk without taking an armed tour because in my opinion these places are even better known like this. Besides everything, it is a very small city so it is impossible to get lost and if you get lost it is even better because you will surely find a street that will drive you crazy.

Cesky Krumlov Castle

The main point is undoubtedly its castle, which can be seen from the entire city and which was one of the most beautiful and photogenic that I could see. It gave me that true feeling of being in a medieval castle, something that hasn’t happened to me with others.

To access the castle you do not have to pay any ticket nor for its gardens. Yes, you have to do it if you want to know the inside of it, where they offer 2 different tours at exact times, if I remember correctly at 9 and 5 p.m. and the only bad thing is that there are no tours in Spanish, so despite knowing English I thought I was going to get lost during the visit so I decided not to do it, but surely it must be incredible inside.

What I do recommend is climbing the tower located in the main outdoor patio of the castle from which you can have incredible views of the castle and the entire city. The climb is not very difficult and you only have to pay 2 euros, it is worth it!!

Once they cross the entire castle and from where they can also see the city in an incredible way, they arrive at the gardens, which despite not being very flowery, being in autumn the color of the trees and the leaves on the ground are impressive. They also give a special touch.

Old Town

The reality is that the entire city is an old town because luckily everything is preserved and modernity does not appear much in these places. I say this more than anything because of the hotels and restaurants that have maintained the architecture of the place or even restored the old buildings. .

Latran is the main street where most of the hotels, restaurants and other businesses are located. It is also the most important street since it leads to the access to the castle. This same street is the one that when you reach the Vltava River that surrounds the city, becomes an old wooden bridge where you can take some great photos and even street artists animate the crossing even more.

Having crossed the river it is as if we entered another city since it is completely surrounded by the river. There we can find the typical medieval square that is as picturesque at night as it is during the day along with the church of San Vito that dates back to the 15th century.

Where to stay in Cesky Krumlov

Basically there is no better area than another because everything is close, even the most distant hotel can be found at most 1000 meters from the most important and distant point. We stayed at the Bellevue hotel, a member of Asten Hotels, on Latran Street a few meters from the castle in an old hotel but remodeled inside that is more than beautiful and picturesque.

As soon as we entered, they already showed us on a map all the points to know, which is something that I value a lot about hotels, because they help a lot to locate you despite having something organized. The rooms are super clean and spacious with magical views from their typical little windows.

The hotel also has an excellent restaurant “Le Jardin”, it is in first place on TripAdvisor and despite obviously not being the cheapest in the city, I found the dishes they prepare excellent as well as the ambiance of the place.

How much time to spend – a day or a night in Cesky Krumlov

As I say, it is always something very subjective and everyone can dedicate whatever they want to a destination, however many ask us and based on that I give my opinion based on my experience in the place. We arrived in this city at noon, spent the night and the next morning we left for another city. Therefore, it is a place that you can visit for 3 hours and leave or stay for 1 full day. More time than that would not be to get to know the place but for what interests you. Spending the night is for me the best option since you begin to see how the day is falling and the classic lanterns come on that give even more charm to the city. In addition, staying here is cheaper than big cities.

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