Crafting Your Ideal 3-Day Carioca Adventure

Obviously there are thousands of things to do in Rio de Janeiro and there are usually never enough days. Even more so if what we intend is to go to the beach.

Many usually go to Rio de Janeiro to relax, others to get to know the city. Some escape to Buzios or Arraial do Cabo or to closer beaches like Barra de Tijuca.

In our case we went to see the city and that is why we are going to tell you what to do in Rio de Janeiro yes or yes.

How many days to stay in Rio de Janeiro?

For us Rio de Janeiro is a fascinating city. The combination of beach, city, mountains is unique. And adding the good vibes of the Carioca that for us is a direct consequence of the climate and what the city itself generates.

If you just want to know the main points 3 days It’s a good number of days. To add beaches, it is up to everyone what they want to know and relax. If you only have one day I would dedicate it to the 2 main attractions of Rio de Janeiro. Christ and Sugar Loaf.

What to do in Rio de Janeiro on the first day

I always say the same thing, if the weather is perfect on the first day, you have to take advantage of it to do the most important thing. You never know what tomorrow may be like.

That’s why on this day we take the opportunity to visit the main attractions of Rio de Janeiro. The order in which we put it is just as we did it.

Christ redeemer

We started the morning very early, visiting the Christ the Redeemer to find it empty. For this we dedicate only one post to visit this attraction without people!!

Lage Park

From Christ the Redeemer we took an Uber and went to Parque Lage. You can walk, it’s not that far either.

The park is beautiful, very photogenic, in itself it has become very famous recently for the photos taken in the candy store.

Almost everyone just goes to that point to take a photo and leaves. But the truth is that it is worth visiting because the park is gigantic. We found a lot of vegetation between the trails, monkeys putting on a show for tourists and a lot of peace in the middle of the city.

Rodrigo Freitas Lagoon and Botanical Garden

We walked to these two places from Parque Lage. From the lake to the garden it is approximately 20 blocks.

The lagoon has no greater attraction than walking along part of its length since it is quite large. A good option is to rent a bicycle or even use the Rio bank bicycle system that allows you to collect them just by adding a credit card in the application.

The environment is beautiful between mountains such as Morro dos Irmaos and Pedra da Gavea, 2 excellent options to see Rio de Janeiro from above.

Small boats are also rented to navigate the lagoon a little if the weather warrants it.

Sunset at Sugar Loaf

There is no doubt that the best sunset in Rio de Janeiro is experienced from Sugarloaf Mountain, or at least speaking of the most touristic places in the city.

We started walking at approximately 3 in the afternoon heading towards Copacabana. It’s far away so our intention was just to walk a little along the beach and get closer. By 4pm we were already queuing to enter. It is a time when there are usually a lot of lines. We went in August and the sun started to set at 6pm so at least estimate to be 2 hours before the fall.

To save time I recommend get the ticket online , since when you arrive you only have to wait in line to pick up. It is not necessary to specify a schedule, unlike Christ.

Then there is another line to enter the cable car that will take you to the top.

How to climb Sugar Loaf

Before reaching the sugar loaf there is a first stop in morro da urca. You can also walk up here if you want to save a bit of time. Afterwards you can only take the cable car or climb, if you dare hahaha

About 60 people fit on the cable car, so forget about filming anything, if you don’t snag a good spot. To climb from the morro da urca to the sugar loaf there are also lines, so I don’t recommend staying around for a long time or at least calculate half an hour beforehand to climb the loaf and arrive at sunset.

From the nose there are very good views, although they are better from the sugar loaf, but from the nose you can see the bread. It is worth staying a few minutes, there are also several places for merchandising or to have a drink.

The cost of climbing to the top is 110 reais round trip online you have a 10% discount and something of 70 reais if you only take the morro – pan section.

Once you are at the top, there is plenty of room, but little for those who want to have the privilege of not having anyone in front of them.

Since we arrived early, we tried to find the best location.

Of course, everyone usually leaves when the sun goes down and the best comes later. When these magical colors appear. I would say about half an hour since it was hidden or even a little more.

The Sugar Loaf is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., to go down is until the last cable car leaves.

What to do in Rio de Janeiro on a second day

We dedicated the second day to getting to know the center of Rio de Janeiro

What to do in Rio de Janeiro in 3 days

Our third day started very early in the morning, I would say at dawn. The objective was to see the sunrise in the telegraph stone. The one that is famous for making you look like you are on the tip of a stone about to fall into the void.

At 4 in the morning we left for this place to start climbing at 5 and arrive before the sun rose.

The walk is not very hard but we do recommend trying to have a good breakfast to have energy, something we did not do…

It takes approximately 40 minutes to climb, through the trees to reach amazing views and be surprised by the magical sunrises that Rio de Janeiro gives us. We went with a guide, they found him like Thaleswill or Will Experience, he was really a genius, he got all the cool.

We also visited beaches in the area that escape tourism and that are one of the best options to relax, otherwise we moved a little away from the center of Rio, about 60 km.

Copacabana Beach

Once we returned from Pedra do telegrafo, we left the hotel and crossed to Copacabana. The most famous beach in Rio between coastal departments, Morros and its classic flat, paradores every 10 meters, music, drinks and the good vibes of the Cariocas give a perfect atmosphere to the place.

We walked it from end to end from Praia Do Leme, which is a continuation of the same beach, to the Copacabana fort. For the latter you have to pay an entrance fee if you want to enter.

As we told you, we didn’t arrive with the idea of ​​going to the beach, so we just walked along the coast, enjoying the sun and the good vibes.

Ipanema Beach

Here we took off our sneakers and walked along the shore for a few meters, getting our feet wet. It was Sunday, so it was exploding with people. In addition, Cariocas enjoy their beaches, they don’t care if it is full of tourists. They mark their home and enjoy it to the fullest.

We finished our day at Arpoador Rockanother of the recommended places to see the sunset in Rio de Janeiro

If you don’t believe me, look what these colors are! With caipirinha in hand, we enjoyed this show, until almost completely dark. The place is quite big here, so don’t be desperate to arrive early, unless you want to go to the highest rock, but there was so much smell of piss that we don’t recommend it hahaha.

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