Cayman Chronicles: Essential Stops on Your Must-See Island Expeditio

I would say my trip to the Cayman Islands lasted 4 days but the last one I left at noon so I won’t count it. Maybe I needed one more to have been more relaxed, but this time I couldn’t due to my dates, so it was one activity after the other. It is also worth clarifying that I am quite active and I love it, but I would have needed a full day at the beach.

It is an ideal destination to combine with the United States to add a few days on the beach or dedicate it entirely to a complete stay on the islands.

So if you ask me, I think 4 days is the ideal minimum for a trip to the Cayman Islands. If they can, more great!! That will depend on you.

From now on, I can tell you that it is not one of the cheapest destinations compared to the classic Caribbean islands or the typical all-inclusive that most Argentines love.

In the Cayman Islands, the attention of all the working inhabitants and the quality of the food stand out, something that far exceeds what we find in all-inclusives.

Obviously that is paid, and it is apart from the price of the stay. This is where it makes the difference with other destinations, making it a little more expensive. Buuut there are always options like renting an apartment, going to a condominium and cutting down on meals by going to the supermarket.

So if you are interested in getting to know the destination, I recommend that you look for all the options and visit it based on your possibilities. But don’t stop visiting it because you think it’s expensive or impossible, no destination is!!

Where are the Cayman Islands and what is the best way to get there

Compared in size to these countries they are very small and I would say that they do not usually appear on conventional printed maps.

However, just because they are so small does not mean that you can explore them in a few hours in San Andres style. The island is quite large and if you want to see it completely, I find the only option is to rent a car, since for the scooter even the distances are quite long.

In my case I traveled by car and the only thing I used it for was to get to and from the airport, like to go to a historical place called Pedro St. James that was a little far away. If your idea is to stay around Seven Mile and only move to the center at most, it doesn’t make much sense to rent.

1. Flight to Grand Cayman Island

To get to the Cayman Islands there are several flight options but know that all of them will arrive in Grand Cayman. With this I do not mean that you cannot visit the other islands. But to do so they will have to get to Grand Cayman and from there take a plane to the other 2. In my case I didn’t have time so I only visited Grand Cayman.

There are several flights from the United States and your best options are Miami or Tampa to combine some of North America with some great beaches. There are many options from the USA but these 3 are usually the cheapest. In these cases, yes or yes, they will need a visa.

If they don’t have it, the only option that I saw as possible is to fly from Havana – Cuba but the ticket is a little more expensive. When I was waiting for the plane back to Tampa, I also saw that there was a flight to Honduras but let’s say that it would be to combine with other destinations because I think getting to Honduras from Buenos Aires is more expensive than Cuba.

2. Flight with cayman airways

Additionally, flights from Buenos Aires usually arrive in the morning, which makes it perfect for you to arrive and combine with this flight.

On my return I changed my return and did so through Tampa, the closest airport to Orlando. From where I had to rent a car and drive for an hour to said city.

A good option for those traveling to Orlando and Miami is to arrive in Miami, get to know the city, take a flight to Caiman and from there fly to Tampa to continue getting to know Orlando. In this way, in addition to getting to know Caiman, you save the trip from Miami to Orlando and perhaps a day of car rental.

The only thing to keep in mind is that to go they gain an hour because Caiman is behind schedule, but to return they lose them so return flights generally tend to cut the day a little.

An important fact to keep in mind is that at least Cayman Airways charges you 20 dollars for each baggage you check in.

3. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman

The serenity of Little Cayman, the second and smallest of the sister islands, is magnanimous. This is undoubtedly the favorite destination of divers from all over the planet, nature lovers and photographers.

A day in Little Cayman is an adventure of absolute intimacy like no other in the Caribbean. With fewer than 170 permanent residents, most of the island is uncrowded and filled with white sand beaches that feel like you’re on a private island.

4. How to get to these islands

Getting to both Brac and Little is quick and easy, because they are just a few minutes by plane from Grand Cayman. During the short journey, made via Cayman Airways from Grand Cayman’s main airport, you can see a stunning aerial view of the Cayman Islands during the aerial climb and descent. The tickets to get there are cheap, which allows you to fly with the intention of staying a few days as well as going to see and then return to Grand Cayman.

On the two sister islands, departure from the airport is extremely fast, so in less than five minutes after arriving at your destination you can begin your journey.

5. Arrival and start of the trip to the Cayman Islands

Upon arriving in Caiman I felt that heavy heat for the first time, since in Miami I had not even left the airport.

The airport of the islands is obviously super small and like in most places in the Caribbean, since there is no sleeve, you go down by stairs. Once you leave the plane, you are directed to the main building, which in itself was remodeled very recently so everything shines.

There are a few counters to move forward with migrations but it goes pretty fast. In my case they had me thinking a bit. I estimate that it must not be normal for a young kid to travel alone to the Cayman Islands, but after several questions and having scanned my small luggage I was ready to go get the car and go to the hotel.

Another little problem I had was the 2 hours I had to wait to do immigration in Miami. Please keep this in mind!! because they miss the flight or at least end up like I did, asking those in front to let me pass. Many have told me that this has been happening recently, so be careful when making connections in the United States when the airlines are different, because the second one will not be interested that you have fallen behind in immigration.

My first day of my trip to the Cayman Islands was mostly about the beach, organizing my things and ending with a beautiful sunset from the balcony of my room.

However my days continued because there are thousands of things to do in the Cayman Islands

Regarding what money to bring, the official currency of the island is the Cayman Islands dollar (CI$). Anyway, the US dollar is accepted almost everywhere, as are credit cards. Throughout Cayman, for those who prefer to deal with cash, there are ATMs that dispense both US dollars and local currency. The conversion in business is 1 Cayman dollar 1.2 US dollars.

6. Cruise to the Cayman Islands

To travel to the Cayman Islands we not only have to take a plane, cruises are also an option that many choose and I think the most popular, at least among all those who told us that they had visited the islands. Now what everyone agreed on was that they wanted to stay longer. Because of course, as happens with all cruises, it arrives very early in the morning and in the afternoon you are already getting on the ship to leave for another destination.

The positive point of this option is that it is much cheaper than paying for a hotel and flights. On top of that, you get to know several islands in a couple of days. The negative point is that in my opinion you don’t get to know much and you are left with an idea of ​​each one.

Looking at it from below because I did not have the experience of seeing them on a cruise, the bad thing is that the ship anchors near the port and therefore the center of the city. That is where all the businesses are concentrated and many stay walking around there.

The problem is that the beaches in that area are not very nice and the best one is about 20 blocks away. So you have to take a taxi to spend a few hours and be more aware of having to return before the boat leaves.

With this I do not mean that it is a bad option, each person chooses how to know. What I don’t see in my opinion is very relaxing since once you arrived you grabbed a taxi and went to the beach. I understand that you should not have more than 4 or 5 hours to visit even Seven Mile, the best beach in Caiman.

Where to stay in the Cayman Islands

As I said at the beginning, Caiman is not the cheapest destination but there are many accommodation options. The most important hotel chains are located on Grand Cayman’s main beach, Seven Mile Beach.

But also know that there is public access to that beach, so you can safely stay in another hotel, in a condominium or other accommodations that are registered, such as apartments through the pages that offer this type of accommodation.

Grand Cayman Marriott

In my case I stayed at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort hotel. I think we are all clear that Marriott hotels are of unquestionable level and quality, but this one left me speechless. The attention of the staff as a highlight before, as throughout the island, is something incredible. Not to mention its Anchor & Den and Veranda restaurants that offer exquisite dishes.

In addition to this, I had the pleasure that my room had a view of the sea, as you can see in the first photo of the article. That generated love at first sight with the hotel and the destination.

I also found the ambiance of the hotel to be excellent, giving a marine style to the entire environment. I could rave about this hotel and dedicate just one article to it, but the only idea is that you know this option and that if it is among your possibilities, you know that from my side it is more than recommended.

From what I understand as an All Inclusive option, the only hotel you have is the Wyndham Reef Resort in the eastern area of ​​Grand Cayman. In Seven Mile Beach, you have some hotels that offer meal supplements, but not All Inclusive.

In the case of the Marriott, meals and drinks are paid separately. What is included is the use of bicycles, kayaks, paddle up, activities, lounge chairs, among others, even the use of GoPro cameras.

The hotel has a swimming pool on the outside, which I did not use, having that magical sea; and an incredible spa with product sales where I was also lucky enough to enjoy some very relaxing massages.

Gastronomy in Caiman – Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

That is why it earned the reputation of being the “culinary capital of the Caribbean.”

Another plus point is that getting around Grand Cayman is super easy, because the restaurants can be accessed by walking, by public transportation and by car since they all have parking.

Outside of the already mentioned restaurants within the Marriott hotel, which already occupy the top positions on Trip Advisor. I also had the opportunity to meet two other coastal and very good level. The Warf and Lobster Pot, both with beautiful terraces and sea views, with a Caribbean and relaxed but at the same time romantic atmosphere.

What makes these places stand out is that they welcome chefs from all over the world. Therefore, the preparation of fusion dishes is something that appears on all the menus.

A classic is the island’s fresh catch and its Caribbean lobster. Also all types of seafood generally prepared with ingredients from the island, including coconut. Ceviche is also an option that is repeated and I recommend trying it.

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