Aquatic Elegance: A Sojourn at Atlantis Hotel in Duba

During our stay in Dubai we spent 2 days at the Atlantis Resort Dubai, we decided to stay in said hotel for one night since it was what the budget was enough for.

We start by saying that the Atlantis Resort Dubai is a little expensive but we just found an offer of 50% that allowed us to make the effort and get to know it, and looking at it later, it didn’t end up being so expensive for the points that we are going to tell you about.

The Atlantis Resort Dubai hotel is located in the artificially constructed Palm Tree called The PalmThere are several luxury hotels as well as the homes of the richest people in Dubai and celebrities.

The hotel is something incredible, the luxury, the construction, how gigantic it is and everything it offers. It has several restaurants but they also have the option of leaving the hotel and eating in the food truck on what would be the waterfront at the end of the palm tree.

The only point against it is that it is obviously far from everything. It is connected with a monorail but it does not connect with the metro since it is far away, which is why transportation is a bit complicated.

‎ What to do in Palm Tree Dubai

The two days we were there we stayed at the hotel, but it is worth keeping in mind that free transfer services to the center of Dubai are offered at fixed times to see its other tourist spots. Regarding that point, we would not recommend your entire stay in this hotel unless you have no problem spending all your time in taxis or depending on the schedule of a van. If your idea is to relax at the hotel or spend one or two nights, we highly recommend it.

Stay at the Atlantis Resort Dubai

All bedrooms They are giants with two excellent view options, either the Arabian Sea or the palm tree with the city of Dubai in the background. They are all highly equipped and with all the details, being able to choose between several categories until reaching the suite, part of which is submerged in what would be the aquarium, something unbelievable and accessible to very few.

He Atlantis Dubai spa , and they have a private beach that is impeccable as is the pool. Also while staying they have free entry to the aquarium Lost of Chambers which is gigantic with many species and places to sit, relax and enjoy that magnificent place. Without a doubt it is a hotel that we would return to.

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Best water park in Dubai Aquaventure water Park

But the truth of the matter is that we only chose the Atlantis Resort Dubai for its water park, the aquaventure, which you enter for free if you stay at the hotel.

Therefore, that is where the difference of price It’s not usually that big if you have to pay to use the park for 2 days.  The same thing happened with check out, which was at 12 noon and we used the park until 5 p.m., offering us a shower, towels and a place to change.

So in every way we can say that the staff at the Atlantis Resort Dubai behaved wonderfully and made us have an incredible stay. In addition to this, we had breakfast, a type of snack and transfer to the airport included, so everything ended up going very well for us.

Another thing that is saved is the expense of rent towels since they are provided by the hotel.

Attractions Aquaventure water park (Hotel Atlantis Resort Dubai)

The park’s attractions are incredible being mostly slides to enjoy in individual inflatables or for 2 people. It also has 2 sets of raft to share with 6 people and 2 slides over 40 meters high that take the biggest prize and will make you scream a lot.

There is chairs and lounge chairs distributed throughout the park to use at no cost and there is an artificial channel that borders the entire park where you can spin around for hours on your inflatable.

Within the park there are also places of meal Although like any amusement park the prices are a little high. They also have a business to buy things they have forgotten.

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