Amsterdam Express: A Whirlwind Itinerary for a Day in the City

We arrived in the capital of the Netherlands at night on a flight from Istanbul. We were only going to visit Amsterdam in one day, if not a few hours since at noon the next day we took the train to Paris.

It’s not that we weren’t interested in visiting it for longer, but that I already knew and the reality is that only our multi-destination air ticket included the ticket from Turkey and we didn’t want to take days away from the destinations we planned to visit.

If it is your first time going to Amsterdam, the recommended time is about 3 days or even 2 so as not to go to the bullfights, but in one of those if you make a stopover and have a few hours, you will be able to see a large part of the city since It’s quite small.

From Amsterdam Airport to the city

Getting to the center of Amsterdam is very easy, luckily for us the hostel where we were going to spend the night was about 4 blocks from the central station. We chose it on purpose since arriving at night we did not want to walk much with our suitcases as well as the next day to return to the station to take the train to Paris. Everything that is close to the central station is a good area to move to other countries, cities and even walking to the main points of the city, that is the most expensive area to stay.

To go from Schiphol airport to the center of Amsterdam we only have to take a train that will leave us at the main station. It is not only the fastest option but also the cheapest since in just 15 minutes and for 5 euros we will be in the city.

When you are at the airport you should look for some yellow machines in the main hall or in the basement where the trains depart from and choose the train that goes to Amsterdam Central. Yes, payment is by card. The machine has all the languages ​​so it is very easy to buy them and the trains run 24 hours a day.

Where to stay in Amsterdam for one night

When we left the station it was raining so we almost ran to the Hostel. When we arrived we found a closed door that could only be accessed with a card, so we didn’t know where the hostel reception was. We went into the bar next door to ask and that’s exactly where we checked in hahaha. The hotel was called Internationaal and the only thing we criticized was the staircase that was super steep to climb with the suitcases, I won’t even tell you if you come half drunk.

The room was quite small with a shared bathroom but more than fine for just sleeping, plus the mattresses were super comfortable, so I recommend it if you want to stay in that area.

Obviously Sol had to see what the night was like in Amsterdam and it was better if we stayed in the Red Light District. The rest of the streets are quite dark so in my opinion it is the one most worth visiting. In the neighborhood you will find nothing but red neon and shop windows where prostitutes offer themselves to passersby, considering that it is legal in that city. Of course, taking photos is not welcome and some may even get aggressive so avoid it. It is also the area where most of the coffee shops are located where you can freely consume marijuana. It is not only for smoking but it can be consumed in liquids and meals and you can even have just a coffee or a drink.

A tour of Amsterdam in one day

More than 1 day in Amsterdam was average, since we started at 6 and left at 12 but the points to know are to be done in one day and more relaxed. We don’t like knowing things like that at all, but it was at least so Sol could get an idea of ​​what Amsterdam was like.

Since we started so early, after having breakfast, we went to see the canals that in my opinion were the most important and picturesque to see in 1 day in Amsterdam. If you have time, it is worth knowing many more since they all have something in particular that will catch your attention.

Crossing the canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of those cities that are for walking, its canals, narrow and inclined houses, floating houses, many bicycles, some in the water and many other things that make it mandatory to explore on foot.

Prinsengracht, Keizersgratch and Herengracht, They are the 3 most important canals and obviously a nice way to appreciate them is from the water with a boat ride that costs around 15 euros.

On the first of the channels is the Anne Frank House and even though we didn’t have tickets because you have to get them well in advance, we at least went to visit the front. Check the page because the demand is usually quite high and it is best to reserve tickets to visit it as soon as possible. It opens from 9 in the morning and the price is approximately 10 euros.

Visiting the main tourist places in Amsterdam in one day

The next point was to visit the main square of the city, the Dam Square place where the Royal Palace. In the middle stands an obelisk in honor of those who fell in World War II.

From this plaza for shopping lovers is born the Kalverstraat where the most important and famous brands in the world are located.

The next thing was to take a photo with him. famous Amsterdam sign, but even though it was early it was already full of people, so it was boiled down to just a few letters. In that place there is also the Rijks Museum the most important in Holland and which obviously due to a matter of time we did not visit.

A few blocks away there is also the Heineken Experience which I had already visited and although it is a little expensive, I recommend it for beer lovers. Not only do they show you the factory and how the beer is made, but you can also try some.

Other nearby points are Spui square and Leidsepleinthe latter is much more attractive at night since it is full of bars and restaurants

Our last place to visit was Flowers market oriented not only to tourists but also to locals who go to buy seeds and flowers. Crossing the bridge you will realize that the market is floating.

From here we walked back, getting lost among the canals, enjoying until the last minute where our train to Paris left.

What to do in Amsterdam in two days or more

For those who stay longer, I recommend visiting without a doubt. Volendam and Marken two small towns near Amsterdam that are beautiful with the typical windmills, excellent for trying cheeses and buying some souvenirs.

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