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Is it Possible to Return a Rental Car to a Different Location?
This option is called One Way or one-way trip and it consists of renting a car in a specific location, it can be delivered to a completely different location, for example from Miami to New York.
Before starting with the topic, it is very important that you are clear about the requirements to be able to rent any car:

Minimum age of 25 years, although depending on the policies of each agency, it can be rented from 21.
Valid passport.
Driver's license in Latin alphabet, but if you don't have it, you must have the international driving permit and present it along with the license issued in your country of origin, there may be rental companies that ask for it... Find out first.
Credit card with sufficient funds for the security deposit.

Does the One Way service have any taxes?

Yes, these surcharges depend on each rental agency and are paid at the counter before picking up the vehicle. When you rent a car you must keep in mind that the price varies depending on whether the One Way is done within a city or outside of it since the distances are different.
But why are they charged? The rental companies must return the car to their initial office so as not to leave the fleet incomplete, in this way the tax must cover gasoline costs, those of the employee who is going to pick up and return the vehicle and also other government charges for traveling in the via.

Can I make the “one-way trip” in any city in the United States?

It all depends on the agency where you decide to rent the car and if they have an office at the destination you want to go to, so it is best to check the page or contact the customer service line of each company, so that they can help you. provide all the information.

Can I move my rental car outside of the United States?

Yes, but in most agencies they will only give you the option of crossing the border with Canada and you will have to return the car to the United States. To do so, keep in mind that apart from the requirements mentioned at the beginning, you must bring: Canadian visa and passport, rental contract and border guard pass. Additionally, it is best to check with the rental agency if the coverage you purchased applies outside of the United States. We can recommend rental agencies like Budget Lac that offer this service and have extensive coverage throughout the United States.
Summing up all of the above, delivering your rented car in another location is possible if you keep in mind each recommendation mentioned such as the requirements, taxes, coverage and if the rental agencies have an office in the place you want to go.

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