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Experiencing the Backwaters of South India

I had great expectations of getting to know Kerala and its Backwaters, southern India and those photos that caught my attention so much. It was not the first time he had set foot in India. We had been with Sol a few years ago doing the typical tour that is done through India, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Varanasi.

I knew that Kerala was a completely different region from what I had known, another culture, other landscapes. And the backwaters in Kerala are perhaps the first photo that appears when one searches for this area of ​​India on the internet.

How to visit the Backwaters in Kerala

First I had to fly to Delhi and to do so I took a plane from Buenos Aires with a stopover in Ethiopia. The worst of all was the 7-hour layover I had in the Indian capital, to finally take the last flight to Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala.

It is not necessary to clarify that it is a long flight, but with Ethiopian Airlines it was the most economical and direct way to get to Kerala. The other option was with Qatar but it cost approximately a thousand dollars more and the total duration of the flight was the same.

In the case of Qatar, if I remember correctly, they have a direct flight from Trivandrum or Kochi to Qatar, which sometimes saves a little time.

Kochi is the other big city in Kerala where you can reach to visit this region. In my case it was the airport I took to leave.

From Trivandrum to the Backwaters in Kerala

From here began my 16-day trip through the state of Kerala. In this city I stayed at the Hayat Regency, perhaps one of the most luxurious hotels in the city and which I totally recommend for its facilities, the attention of the people and its breakfast, which is truly something incredible. There we tried not only the super rich buffet breakfast but they also prepared a special Kerala style breakfast for us.
A day visiting Trivandrum
Let's say that there is not much to explore in the capital but it is worth dedicating a day to soak up a little of the culture, visit some markets and receive a little of the Indian chaos of the big cities.

Getting around is totally safe so I always recommend getting lost in the streets, always downloading the offline maps beforehand unless you have data on your cell phone.

One of the most important places to visit is the Puthen Maliga Temple and Palace, which will take approximately an hour and the cost of entry is affordable.

To see a bit of coast and beach, the Kovalam coast is the most famous in this region and even there is one of the most famous hotels in Kerala, the Leela, where we had our lunch.

Cities where to visit the Backwaters in Kerala

From Trivandrum we went to Kumarakom where we began to see the famous canals, the Backwaters of Kerala.

Here we stayed one night in a hotel which had small internal canals to ride in a canoe and enjoy the intense green that characterizes this region of India.

We had about 4 hours to get there but keep in mind that we were stopping and we also did it by bus. In any case, driving in India is not something I recommend since it is very difficult to adapt to the way they drive, so always take private excursions or transfers.

Here we also sailed through some canals with a typical Kerala barge to visit how the population lives around these canals and what type of work they do. The places are truly cinematic that makes you want to be browsing all day.
This was where we took our boat to navigate the backwaters in Kerala but in this case it was even more special because we would spend the night above them.

It is the obligatory excursion that everyone who comes to Kerala has to do and what this region of India is best known for.

The boats used for this type of excursions were old boats that were used to transport rice and today they have been adapted so that tourists can enjoy the backwaters of Kerala.

There are all prices and luxuries, in our case it was with 3 cabins with 2 beds each, always with views of the canals. The room with bathroom and all the amenities such as hot water, air conditioning, plugs, etc.

And then the dining room where we had lunch, dinner and breakfast. All meals were super complete and mainly typical of the state of Kerala.

We enjoyed the sunset and tied up to have dinner and wake up the next day to continue our adventure.

We were also able to take the opportunity to visit temples on the banks of the canal, see people working, washing dishes and everything that goes into daily life on these canals.


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